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Seeing Is Believing


Originally Aired September 30, 1986




Hologram Projector

    After getting trapped in an alley with unknown persons still in pursuit, Simon uses a hologram projector to scare of the pursuers.  The projection in this episode is of a fast moving Semi cab blowing it's horn & heading straight for the pursuing pickup truck in question.  It certainly had the pursuers convinced & they ran from the hologram until the pickup backed into fence & could go no further.


The Semi

    An Alex Jagger invention, of sorts.  With the need to stop the villains from fleeing & killing Jennifer, Alex decided to use a real Semi cab to stop them in their tracks & block their escape route.  It was somewhat safer than a gun, but still made a bit of a mess.  Besides totaling the villains pickup truck, it also caused quite an entanglement of bureaucratic red tape.  Leaving Alex with the new problem of inventing an explanation for the whole adventure.


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