The Wizard News

     April 5, 2007

    Welcome to the very first newsletter for The Wizard fan website!! 

    As the website has grown & evolved, so has the need to let everyone know the latest updates, changes & happenings.  The MGT., et. al., hopes that you enjoy the site as it is, so far, but there is much more to add.  Since my inspiration has a tendency to work sporadically, I have come to realize that it is not enough to list any updates within the Simon's Workshop group alone.  It is also not fair to any new or returning visitors, as you also need to know what has been added or updated & where.  Sometimes, even I forget how much information I'm including on this site.

    These newsletters will list any announcements for not only the website, but also The David Rappaport Pages, Simon's Workshop, & any new or current endeavors of the cast & crew they wish to let everyone know about.

    Le Magicien

    Something not widely known in the US is the fact that The Wizard aired in other countries around the world.  France, & apparently New Zealand, were also entertained & inspired by this show.  Unfortunately, there is very little written about the show's airing in France & nothing I have been able to locate for airings in any other country.  A fact which never ceases to sadden me.  I have found a very helpful French website with basic information about Le Magicien & have included what I can translate on the home page.

    Fans of Le Magicien are more than welcome to participate in this website, of course, but I must admit that I speak only the tiniest bit of French.  In other words, I can tell you in French that I can't speak French.  We can find a way to make this work, however.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  I will do my best to make contact with the French website & add a link to the Wizard Links page as soon as possible.

    Visitor Counter

    I have been working on trying to add a visitor counter to the home page for quite some time.  Since there are so many who have spent the last 20 years unaware that anyone else even remembered the show, it is probably a good idea to keep track of how many people visit the site.  Besides, it would be fun.

    Who is viewing the website, anyway?

    One of the best things about this website is that it has offered me the chance to meet some really lovely people.  Others fans, members of the cast, their friends & family, etc.  It isn't easy, but I have been working on contacting as many people associated with the show, cast & crew, as possible.  The families & friends of those who have passed, as well.  I have made some headway & can honestly say that there is absolutely no telling who is looking at the website or when.

    Priscilla Weems, Marge Weems & Doug Barr have seen the website & graced it with their presence & blessing.  I contacted a friend of David Rappaport's, actor/writer/director/artist/activist Nabil Shaban, after reading a paper Dr. Shaban had written on the continued discrimination of the disabled in the performing arts.  Dr. Shaban then surprised & honored me by not only replying, but also forwarding my message to David's family.

    So, the answer to the question is, pretty much anyone you can imagine.  Your friends, family, coworkers, people from the show, their friends & family.  You really never know who will check out your Memory Page message or see your name on the Petition List or when.  Whatever your contribution to the site, you will be inspiring more people than you may ever know.

    The Petition List  

    Speaking of the Petition list, we are now up to 15 names (Thank you, Leah!) & I am eternally grateful for every last one.  It has recently been brought to my attention that another fan petition to save a currently running US television show had to reach 2,000 names before the network in question would take them seriously.  This would probably explain why past Wizard campaigns have failed.  20th Century Fox would probably only begin to take us seriously with a minimum of 2,000 names.  15 is quite a long way from 2,000, but this is not beyond our reach.  From what I have witnessed over the past year, there are far more than 2,000 Wizard fans out there, both in the US & around the world.

    The Petition list is open to anyone who would like to add their name.  This includes fans of anyone appearing on the show or the show, itself.  Even the cast, the crew, their families & their friends can, & are encouraged to, add their names.  Where you live around the world doesn't matter.  Whether or not you've seen the show doesn't matter, either.  If you want to see this show released to the public, request to have your name added to the list.  If we can get it released in the US, we can get it released in the UK, France, New Zealand, etc.

    Actually, it would probably save us all a lot of trouble if 20th Century Fox would just take a quick glance around the internet to see all of the people in search of the show on video.  But that, more than likely, will not happen & this is definitely trouble worth taking.

    Fan Creations

    The biggest change, to date, is a long overdue correction.  Originally entitled 'Fan Stuff', this page has now been named 'Fan Creations'.  A far more appropriate title, & I can't begin to fathom why it took me so long to figure it out so don't bother asking.  Everyone is still welcomed to submit any stories, poems, pictures, etc., to this section.

    I am still in the process of updating every hyperlink title to this page, so don't be surprised if you still find a 'Stuff' link here & there.

    The Party

    Don't forget about the anniversary party in September.  Check out the details through the link on the home page & email me if you have any questions or concerns.  Everyone is invited - fans, cast, crew, etc.  This will be a friendly get together so no one will be paid for their time or expected to give out autographs or take pictures if they don't want to.  Which means that any members of the cast & crew in attendance are discouraged from begging us, the fans, for our autographs or demanding that we take pictures with them. : )


    I think that's all for now.  Well, if I forgot anything, I'll just write up another newsletter.


Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.

email: themgt(AT)