The Wizard News

     April 14, 2007

    Visitor Counter Update

    Thanks to Monica Davis, dear friend of The MGT. & web development genius, there is now a visitor counter on the home page.  Since I have no way of making an accurate estimation of the actual number of visitors to the site, I have decided to start the counter at zero as of today.  I also added a note over the counter (located at the very bottom of the home page) stating the start date of the counter.

    The counter is free from & they can even show you where in the world your visitors are located.  I'll keep you all posted on the results as they become available.

    What's up with my mouse?

    When Monica & I get together & start inventing we can be dangerous.  Our latest think tank brought about, not only the visitor counter, but also the new 'mouse tail' special effect.  Monica found the effect & I came up the design.  We are pretty impressed with the results & hope you like it, too.

    At the moment, I only have it on the home page, but it will appear elsewhere as time goes by.

    The Petition List  

    We've got 16, yes we do!!!!!

    Thank you, Terry, for adding your name to the Wizard on DVD Petition List!!  Only 1,984 to go & everyone is still welcome & encouraged to add their name.  Just email The MGT. & your wish will be my command.

    I am excited about every name on the list, but must mention that Terry is the editor for The Wizard entry on the website, so this is a major coup for all of us.  Uniting all of the fans through all of the websites & pages is the only way we are going to make this happen & keep the magic alive.

    My sincerest thanks, as always, to everyone who has already signed the petition.

    The Party

    Don't forget about the 21st Anniversary Party in September.  Check out the details through the link on the home page & email me if you have any questions or concerns.  Everyone is invited - fans, cast, crew, etc.  This will be a friendly get together so no one will be paid for their time or expected to give out autographs or take pictures if they don't want to.  Which means that any members of the cast & crew in attendance are discouraged from begging us, the fans, for our autographs or demanding that we take pictures with them. : )

    General Links

    There are now 2 new links on the General Links page, both of which appear courtesy of Monica.  She has 2 web pages with games to help her Spanish & German students & I thought that it would be great to include links to those pages on this site.  Please feel free to check them out for yourself or pass on the links to any students you think might benefit.  The games are lots of fun so you may just find yourself learning a new language or taking a refresher course before you know it.

    Special Thanks

    There are now 2 new entries to the Special Thanks page - Nabil Shaban & Monica Davis.  I'll let you read the entries for yourselves.

    Future Addition Bulletin

    One of the things I have always envisioned for this site is making it a place where people from the show can share their memories of the show, itself, & those they worked with.  We, the fans, would love the opportunity to get to know all those connected with the show & let you get to know us in return.  I have also thought it would be a great place to share memories of those who have passed.

    Although this website is not solely about David Rappaport, I have found so many derogatory statements made about the man, his work & his ideals, that I would like to make this a place where his life is celebrated as it should be.  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to Doug Barr for taking time out of his busy schedule to send such a wonderful message remembering both the show & David so lovingly.

    I am now very happy to report that my new friend, Nabil Shaban, (I love saying that) has graciously agreed to write about his memories of David for this website just as soon as he gets the chance.  We all look forward to reading his memories & I am very grateful to Nabil for all of his kindness over the past few weeks.  Thou swell, Nabil!!

    OK, that's it for now.


Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.

email: themgt(AT)