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     May 13, 2007

    Happy Mother's Day!!

    We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate Gaia (Mother Earth) & Mom's everywhere, whether they are with us in life or in spirit.  Birth moms, adopted moms, foster moms, surrogate moms, grandmothers, aunts, neighbors, friends, heroines.  The Tillies in our lives.  Women, related or not, who have had a positive influence on your life no matter how great or small.  This is a great day to take a moment & celebrate them all.

    Simon's Workshop 2002 Fanzine    

    I recently discovered a copy of the Simon's Workshop 2002 Fanzine listed on Ebay for $16 plus $5.50 for shipping.  This booklet is a collection of stories, poetry & recipes written by members of the fan club.  Not forgetting the beautiful artwork on the front cover.  Viv Arney, owner & creator of Simon's Workshop, is one of the authors & was very upset to see the Fanzine listed for such an outrageous price.  The original purchaser would have only paid $8 for the booklet.

    Viv has asked me to help her make this Fanzine available to everyone at a much more reasonable price of $5 plus postage.  Since the Fanzine will be sold directly by the authors & does not constitute the sale of copyrighted memorabilia or episode copies, I agreed.

    If you are interested in buying a copy of the Simon's Workshop 2002 Fanzine, please email The MGT. & I will put you in contact with Viv & the Simon's Workshop fan club.

    The Fanzine will also be available for $5 at the 21st Anniversary Party on September 8th.

    The Petition List & Memory Page Update 

    . . . and then there were 19!!  Only 1,981 to go to reach the minimum.

    Thank you, Dusty, for adding your name to the Petition List & leaving a message in the Guestbook/Memory Page.  It is a pleasure to have you on board.

    It still may take a while, but this campaign will work.  How do I know?  Well, as Simon so aptly put it in An Inside Job, "Because it just has to."  One new signature per week is one signature closer than we've ever been to the goal before.  As Simon also said in El Dorado, "Stay in the game!!!"  We will win in the end & the victory will be sweet because so many people from around the world will benefit from it.

    My sincerest thanks, as always, to everyone who has already signed the petition & left a message in the Guestbook/Memory Page.

    Whose reading the fansite - Update

    Well, it took me quite a while & some migraine inducing hours surfing the web, but I finally managed to track down contact information for our very own Michael Berk.  I found a mailing address for his newest job ~ President of Production for Players Network in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is still working in Hollywood with Douglas Schwartz, as well.  I sent Mr. Berk a letter about the website & am very happy to report that he is very pleased with the existence of the site & is looking forward to sharing all of the pictures, fan letters, promotional material & anything else he saved from the show.  He tells me he has lots of memorabilia, so we all have a great deal to look forward to.

    Mr. Berk has already sent an image of the original TV Guide advertisement, which appears on the first page of the El Dorado Picture section.  (I had actually forgotten where I put my scanned copy & had to hunt it down on the site)  I replaced the scanned copy of the clipping from TV Guide with Mr. Berk's file & it looks gorgeous.  He has also let his cousin, Douglas Schwartz, know about the website, which is a great relief to me because I couldn't find contact information for Mr. Schwartz, either. 

    With the help of everyone from the show who wishes to share, this fansite will definitely continue to be unique in the history of the world wide web.  Considering the show, itself, that's exactly as it should be.

    The Party

    We are all still excited about the 21st Anniversary Party in September.  Send me an email if you are interested in attending or have any questions.

    Visitor Counter & Log     

    As of the date of this newsletter, the Home Page Visitor Counter has racked up 85 new & returning visitors.  85 in one month.  I think that's pretty impressive.

    The Visitor Location Log also has a brand new surprise.  Besides all of the US fans searching for the website, & the initial visits from Messers Berk & Schwartz, we also received a visit from a fan in Australia.  We hope you all enjoyed your visit & will stop back again soon.


Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.

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