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     June 22, 2007

    The Petition List Update 

    . . . and then there were 25!!!  Only 1,975 to go to reach the minimum.

    It's been another record setting week for the petition drive.  Three more people have added there names to the list.  Thank you, Jana, Melissa & Wayne, for signing the Petition List.  It's great to have you on board!!!

    Jana & Melissa also honored us by leaving a lovely message in the Guestbook/Memory Page.  I can assure everyone that the inspiration from your messages is reaching the creators of the show.  I'm sure it's also reaching the other fans, the cast & the crew.

    Please don't forget that EVERYONE is invited & encouraged to add their name to the Petition List.  Just email The MGT. to have your name added.

    My sincerest thanks, as always, to everyone who has already signed the petition & left a message in the Guestbook/Memory Page.


    The Michael Berk Collection

    OK, kidz, here we go!!!  This fansite has officially become the official & definitive cyber home of The Wizard.

    The first 2 items from Mr. Berk's memorabilia have found their way onto the site.  To start with, I've added a copy of the original logo for The Wizard of Elm Street on the first page of the Publicity Pictures section.  Next, check out an early rough draft for It Takes a Chimp.  I transcribed the text from the original document while staying true to the format.  Then comes my one of my favorite bits ~ the trivia.  Check out the Index pages for El Dorado, Reunion, It Takes a Chimp, An Inside Job & The Aztec Dagger to find out the original names of the episodes.  In future there will be as much trivia, episode rough drafts & scripts as Michael & I can find amongst his treasures.

    If you've ever wondered what it takes to create a television program, you're about to get an amazing glimpse behind the scenes.  If there has ever been anything about the show you've always wondered about, you'll probably find the answer on this website someday soon. 

    I will also be adding a section for fan letters so that you can see the love & support this show received from the fans during it's run.  I will be transcribing each fan letter, either in part or in whole, being careful to leave out any personal details.  I will only include partial names with age, city & state so you can get an idea of the fan demographic.  I will not be including the note cards & letters which only asked for pictures.

    Please don't worry about me reading your letters.  I promise to keep all personal information to myself, but I must tell you that what I've read so far has been very, very inspiring.  I'm absolutely certain that you made the cast & crew very, very happy with all the love & support that was shown to them, even during the toughest times.

    By the way, I will not transcribe the letters so that they are filled with trailing dots.  There are far more important uses for everyone's curiosity & imagination than wondering what personal tidbit was cut out of that section of the letter.

    There will also be a section on this fansite dedicated to the Save the Wizard campaign.  After all the letters I've read so far, I can assure everyone that this show was NOT canceled due to lack of viewer support.  There were more than enough letters & signatures on petitions to save this show.  More than enough to prove that American audiences accepted & embraced David Rappaport as a leading man in Hollywood.  So, if you've been spending all these years thinking that you failed in some way or that no one else cared, you're in for a big surprise.  I intend to count up all the names in the files to get a total number of show supporters during the campaign.  If you thought your opinion didn't count ~ think again.  It counted then & it counts now.


    The Party

    I must keep you thinking about the 21st Anniversary Party in September.  Send me an email if you are interested in attending or have any questions.  This party is open to everyone including the cast & crew.  This will be just a friendly gathering so no one will be obligated to take pictures or sign autographs & no one will be paid to make an appearance.  I will only post pictures on the site if all persons in the picture give their permission.

    We are still trying to think of something to do for all those who wish to attend, but won't be able to make it.  Something to connect us all on the day in question.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on this front, as well.

    We are also working on starting a fund with The Starlight Foundation in honor of the show.  We would like to have a raffle for some great Wizardly prizes (i.e. a gift certificate to to get your own pair of All Stars) with all of the proceeds going directly to The Starlight Foundation.  Those of us putting the party together will not have our names in the drawing, but we will be adding to the donation & personally purchasing most of the prizes.

    Raffle tickets will be sold by The MGT. via PayPal.  The tickets will go for $1 each or 6 for $5.  Your name will be placed on a ticket or tickets (depending upon how many you purchase, of course) & the tickets will be drawn at random by an innocent sucker ~ um, I mean third party.  I will match the donation amount & send the money directly to The Starlight Foundation.  This is one time when I will actually put the amount raised on the Donation Page of the website & list it in the newsletter along with the winners name unless they ask me not to.

    Please email me if you wish to purchase a ticket & I will send you the necessary PayPal info.  I will also start updating the Party page with a list of raffle prizes as soon as possible.


    Visitor Counter & Log     

    As of the uploading of this newsletter, the Home Page Visitor Counter has reached 228 new & returning visitors.

    The Visitor Location Log shows new visitors from France & Columbia, South America, as well as Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey, Washington State, Wisconsin, Georgia, Kentucky, & Missouri, USA.


    Well, that's all for now.  I'll be adding more goodies to the site as soon as I can.  Just remember that the memorabilia appearing on the site belongs to others & it's only here for sharing.  If you ever find any of the items from Mr. Berk's collection on Ebay or for sale elsewhere, please check out the seller & just how authentic the item is.  Also, please let us know.  I can guarantee that nearly everything in The Michael Berk Collection can only be found on this website because this is where he chose to share it with all of you.


Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.

email: themgt(AT)