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It Takes A Chimp

Episode Rough Draft

Originally Aired November 15, 1986

This is formerly “A Furo’s Tale”  (End of the Line) untitled.

ACT 1 opening in Simon’s house establishing our three leads at home for the day.  Substory.

1) They are going to a gala party that night at Mrs. Covington’s house.  Mrs. Covington is a beautiful, wealthy matriarch who donates her time & money towards charity benefits.  She has a gorgeous daughter, in her late twenties, & we establish Alex’s heated interest.  The daughter’s name is Cheryl, & she holds a Masters Degree in Zoology & spends a lot of her time in Africa working with naturalist programs.

2) That night everyone dresses up to go to the gala benefit.  Tillie will also attend with her date, a Captain off a freighter that she knew in Liverpool.

 3) The party.  Introduction of Mrs. Covington & her daughter.  Expand the relationship with Alex & Cheryl.

4) Back at Simon’s house, we see a cat burglar getting past security going down the chimney & checking out Simon’s house for valuables.  During this sequence we reveal that the intruder is a chimpanzee who has been trained as a cat burglar.  Going down into Simon’s workshop, the chimp discovers a menagerie of toys & becomes fascinated with them.

5) Tillie says good night to the Captain, a little romantic side while Simon & Alex enter the house.  Alex senses an intruder, draws his gun, & checks things out.  They discover the chimpanzee playing video games on Simon’s computer.  Toys are scattered everywhere.  Obviously the chimp has gotten so involved playing that he forgot his original purpose for being there, as a cat burglar.

After a wild chase around the house, Simon, Alex, & Tillie are able to subdue the chimp & get him to relax.

6) Simon, Alex, & Tillie try to figure out how this chimp got in & why.  He is very smart & obviously well trained.  They find the bag of valuables, etc. that the chimp had been gathering to steal.  They decide to keep the chimp at home with them until they figure out who he belongs to.  The chimp is naturally drawn to Simon & we start establishing a close relationship between them.

7) Mrs. Covington’s Mansion.  We discover that Mrs. Covington & Cheryl are actually the masterminds behind a very clever ring of cat burglars.  The burglars are four chimpanzees which Cheryl has trained to get through impossible security while their victims attend their gala parties.  This provides them a solid alibi.

Mrs. Covington used to be a cat burglar in Europe ala David Niven in “Pink Panther”.  Cheryl tells her mother that the chimp has not returned from Simon McKay’s house & they must get the chimp back at all costs, since the chimp has the ability to communicate & might lead someone back to them.


This page is Property of Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz

Draft from The Michael Berk Collection

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