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The Other Side


Originally Aired October 21, 1986

~ Katrina - "Your friend's life is in your hands. What are you waiting for?" Alex - "The daily quota of impossible things." ~ 

Race Car Video Game



A solution which caused a bit of a problem & ended up saving the day.  The problem being that stores couldn't keep any containers of Jumpy on the shelves because they were, quite literally, jumping & bouncing off under their own power.

Now, Jumpy was a liquid, which, when applied to any toy (say the feet of a doll), gave that toy the ability to bounce on it's own.  No batteries, electronics or strings required.  To that end, Jumpy was an amazing success.  Even when Simon used it to escape over the walls of the Russian embassy.  But, once all the components of the liquid were mixed together, whatever container held it became like a Mexican jumping bean & just as uncontrollable.

Simon tried re-adjusting his formula, finally deciding that the only way to keep Jumpy safely on the shelves for purchase was to sell the main components in separate containers.  The customer could then mix as much or as little of the solution as needed.


Missile Plans


Norton Terwilliger & the Indian Guru




written by The MGT. - Updated March 28, 2007