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The following is the cover message appearing in both booklets

BSR Productions presented to CBS Executives in their fight to save the show

During the past few months thousands upon thousands of letters have been written to "The Wizard" from people across the country.  These letters are from adults as well as children: psychologists, teachers, mensa members, parents & teenagers.  They are emotional, heart-felt expressions of support ~ most from people who have never written to shows before ~ telling us how "The Wizard" has touched their hearts, entertained them, & brought about positive values to them and their families.  Following are excerpts from some of these letters.  Please take the time to read them & you will see the public's reaction to this show in human terms, not merely dispassionate numbers.

The resident wordsmith couldn't have said it better herself.  The following pages in this section of the fansite are dedicated to all the fans who sent letters to the show & the administrative staff who did their best to take care of all concerned.

Special care has been taken to edit out any personal information or messages not meant for public viewing.

*September, 1986*

*October, 1986*

*November, 1986*

*December, 1986*

*January, 1987*

*February, 1987*

*March, 1987*

*No Date*

~"The program takes science & presents it as a part of living. Twenty years ago 'MR. Wizard' showed me on TV how to get a soft boiled egg to suck itself into a glass bottle with a narrow neck. . . . 'THE Wizard' . . . is the only one who could possibly show me WHY I would want a soft boiled egg to suck itself into a glass bottle." - Steve K., Dayton, Ohio, USA (adult) to the CBS Network - March, 1987 ~

Booklet Cover & Introduction Text from The Michael Berk Collection

Fan Letter Excerpt from The Michael Berk Collection



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