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Simon vs. Simon


Note: This page contains two very rough drafts for a story idea that was never completed. Please keep this in mind & be prepared to use your imagination to piece the story together. Also, please remember that plagiarism is not cool.

Original Story Concept - Draft One


FS (Fake Simon) playing with toys, knocks them off table - I hate toys! hate kids! Gimme a smoke! Smokes, drinks, etc. (In the lab room) Troyan takes over to keep him in line. Didn't work this hard for him to blow it with a beer. Found him throwing knives at carnival -- pickpocket -- training him to be Simon. Testing him about Alex, H.E.N.R.I, etc. Time is at hand.

SIMON AND ALEX in car (process) Simon anxious to get home. Alex stalling.

SIMON'S HOUSE GENERALS - lights go on -- surprise! Guests from previous episodes, magician entertaining them. Robot & magic, doesn't comprehend. Switch made (do we know?) play out more party.

TROYAN'S. Box Opened, real Simon taken out - drug will wear off soon.



SIMON'S HOUSE. FS pickpocket reveal. (people call about losing items) getting a beer in dark. Alex catches him - thought it was a soda.


REAL SIMON - know I'm gone - they won't. never miss you.


SIMON'S HOUSE - FS, Alex & H.E.N.R.I. - going through Simon's files, acting like Simon.

TROYAN'S - Troyan needs Simon to build something for him. Simon won't, but coerced because Alex is in jeopardy - off guard, can get knife in back with one phone call. Simon has to do it in Lab under scrutiny of video camera.

SEE ALEX vulnerable.


Original Story Concept - Draft Two


Playing with toys, knocks them off table.

Teaching him to be Simon Mckay - teaser - smoking, hates toys, fed up with this - he's got a lot of power over these people & uses it. has knife - he was knifethrower in circus that's where they found him -- he went through all this surgery. pickpocket --

Simon held captive in old writer's building, escapes with blimp, blue screen - Alex watching through window - blimp crashes.

They have him there making something -- when they're not around he's making blimp. -- has to bypass security camera.


Simon says, they'll miss me. find out I'm gone, don't have a chance.

They're never going to miss you --

Next scene - Get him to do their bidding by threatening with man on inside -- they'll be sitting ducks their GUARD IS DOWN, easy targets, just walk up behind him

see sub with weapon --

After party - see he has bracelets, watches - establish items earlier but don't see him picking pockets (during party he wants a beer but can't have one, after people gone, he get's beer, robot catches him.) Alex catches him. Starts getting suspicious to notice subtle changes that H.E.N.R.I. doesn't - so human gets something computer didn't -- End of 2, H.E.N.R.I. scans - verifies - shut down.

They would have told him to get rid of robot



He captures them, holds hostage, can drink beer now, etc., waiting for Troyan -- then in the end, who is who. . .

Finally catch Troyan -- (Alex, whose failed, captures Troyan at last.

At end, real Simon imitates fake one to trick them, not vice versa.

Troyan grabs the wrong one & tries to kill him with own hands.

Start out in end being both good, then David slips up bad, is caught & admits it. Real one says, no, I'm the bad & now they both act bad.

(if Aegis at party, can growl at fake Simon.????)

Gentlemen from Pentagon are there, trying to talk Simon into going back, turns them down. Sub agrees to go back to work, Troyan's got him inside -- Alex doesn't believe it.

Separate scene of him agreeing to go back --

Does Simon overhear about Pentagon -- stakes are high, once inside he has access to all secrets. In three days he'll have enough to destroy national security.

Once Simon goes back, Alex no long needed. Alex wants to stay, not go back to Vienna - Alex, you've got to move on. don't get moochy on me. Simon is tired of toys, wants to get back to where the action is.

Sad scene of Alex getting ready to leave -- looking out at his last view of Elm Street when blimp comes.

Motive was to get him into Pentagon to work on Star Wars technology, not working, need your creative genius -- Troyan knows then & hatches his plan . . .


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