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Alex Jagger

formerly named: David Quinn, Alex Richetta

    ~"Do you remember when I said this was a boring assignment? . . . I lied!" - Alex to Simon in Reunion~

    The CIC agent with a heart of gold & only one directive.  As Alex, himself, once described it, "I keep magic alive - indirectly."

    Not much is known about Alex's life.  His birthday is May 1st.  He was born & raised in a rough New Jersey neighborhood, which didn't allow him much of a chance to play.  As he once told Simon, "Where I come from you play hide & seek just to get home alive."  At some point during his childhood, his parent's divorced.  The split was anything but amicable & left Alex feeling "like the rope in a tug of war."  All of this reality was a bit too much for him, & Alex gave up on imagination & trust.

~"You should never trust food.  I never trust food unless my mother makes it.  And even then I feed some to the dog first." - Alex to Linden in El Dorado~

    But underneath that carefully guarded & always fashionably attired exterior beat the heart of a chivalrous lion.  He took his job of personal security seriously, whether he was guarding a glamorous opera singer or trying to keep up with the force of nature known as The Wizard.  Although they would eventually become the best of friends, Alex & Simon did have a rough start.

    Trying to act as personal security for Simon McKay is like trying to act as personal security for a tornado or hurricane.  Everything Alex accepted as reality was put into question by this man from the moment they met.  Simon wasn't going to stop living his life & helping others just because Alex or the government (or Troyan) said so.  Alex found himself on one fast-paced adventure after another & would eventually accept that he was but a follower to Simon's lead.

    Simon would teach Alex to trust again.  He would also teach Alex to use his imagination.  Especially when it came to the bureaucratic red tape of paperwork that Alex would have to fill out after each adventure.  The question 'How do I explain this without ending up in a straight jacket?' became a staple in Alex's repertoire.  Simon would also teach Alex that guns are not the answer to solving all problems.

    Alex, in turn, would teach Simon a thing or two, himself.  Alex was always surprising Simon by opening up little by little.  Simon would realize that there really was much more to this government agent than he let on.

    When it came to dealing with the opposite sex, Alex often wore his heart on his sleeve.  This didn't mean, however, that he was a push over.  When it came to dealing with a piranha-like foe, such as Katrina Gorachen, Alex could give as good as he got.

    Tillie Russell was as great an influence in Alex's life as she was in Simon's.  Tillie would help Alex see beyond the limits of accepted reality to the unknown.  She would tell Alex of all the unexplained happenings she had been witness to out on the high seas.  UFOs, ghosts (people & ships), etc.  Although Alex never really saw eye to eye with Tillie on the subject, he would listen intensely to all of her stories.    

written by The MGT.    Updated June 3, 2007    


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