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The Episodes Index

Includes Links to Additional Drafts & Stories

Each title goes to it's own Index page.  The links on those Index pages are marked with *'s.  Eventually, each title will have it's own synopsis, etc.  There will also be more & more exclusive behind the scenes rough drafts, trivia, etc., for each episode courtesy of The Michael Berk Collection.

Unless otherwise noted at the bottom of each page, the descriptions, mini-synopses, & full synopses in essay form have been composed by The MGT., not copied from another site.  They are not meant to be complete accounts of each episode, but there is definitely more to them than the usual 'hijinks ensue' description.  The hope is to awaken some long sleeping & happy memories in those who watched the show 20 years ago & impart some Simonly Wizdom on everyone - native & newbie, alike.

Story Evolution ~ from Small Wonder to The Wizard of Elm Street

Story Pitches & Ideas

El Dorado
The wish of a Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation recipient to meet The Wizard sends Simon, Alex, and Darcy Stafford on an unexpected journey, racing against the clock to find the legendary treasure of El Dorado and the missing brother whose bone marrow could save a life.

A hidden message on a necklace brings Simon and Alex to Hong Kong to rescue Simon's friend Tillie Russell from his arch-enemy Troyan, whom the trio must stop before he can carry out his latest destructive, deadly, get-rich-quick scheme.

Haunting Memories
Unexplainable events at a local toy store lead Simon and Alex to help the store owner, and possible restless spirits, uncover a long unsolved double-murder and stop the killer before they become the next victims.

Seeing is Believing
Simon's prototype robotic helper dog, Aegis, and his new owner find themselves in need of rescue when mercenaries try to turn this new technology to serve their own nefarious purposes.

An Inside Job
Simon, Alex, and Tillie help a mysterious runaway straighten out his life and stop the terrorists bent on destroying an airliner with Simon's radio controlled plane, The Golden Fleece.

Born to Run
Simon and Tillie are reunited with and old friend whose long shot to win permanent custody of his recently orphaned niece and nephew is jeopardized by Alex's new love interest.

The Other Side
A surprise reunion with an old friend leads Alex to an unwanted reunion with an old adversary - and the unexpected field test of Simon's latest, most innovative invention - in order to help rescue a 6 year-old Russian-national being held for ransom at the Russian Consulate.

Twist of Fate
The early morning vision of a friend and mentor in mortal danger sends Simon and Alex on a treacherous journey across the Himalayan mountains to cross paths once again with Troyan, and the possible fruition of Simon's other vision - his own fiery death.

Nobody's Perfect
Simon inadvertently discovers the cure for Inventor's Block when he must rescue his best inventing buddy from the clutches of a mobster bent on using a garbage eradicating machine to destroy incriminating evidence.

It Takes a Chimp
A mysterious coin, a new chimpanzee friend, and a run in with a member of nobility who is anything but noble brings Tillie some unwanted and unexpected adventures, teaching her a valuable lesson about pre-judging others - and herself.

Endangered Species
Simon, Alex, and Tillie work together to save a girl raised by wolves from the zoologist bent on treating her like a lab animal and the ruthless businessman out to kill her.

Trouble in the Stars
The circumstances of a friend's very mysterious, out-of-this-world death brings Simon in contact with a teenage scientist so focused on finding alien communications he doesn't realize he has actually stumbled upon Troyan's latest destructive, deadly, get-rich-quick scheme.

The Heart of a Dancer
When a dancer is permanently paralyzed by a stalker's bullet, Simon, Alex, and Tillie help her to recover, grieve, take control of her new life, and stop her would-be assassin before he can finish the job.

Never Give Up
The Wizard's board game Never Give Up inspires a determined young boy's initiative to seek Simon's help in freeing his isolated tribal community from the clutches of a drug dealer and his gang.

Daydream Believer
A boy with an overactive imagination seeks out The Wizard to help him stop a Soviet plot to destroy a missile being tested at a nearby military base. But who really is the one letting their imagination run away with them?

Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Tillie must face her fear of superstitions and call on her experience as a fortune teller to help Simon and Alex rescue and reunite a girl and her twin sister who have never met, but communicate through visions.

The Aztec Dagger
When Simon's hero and inspiration suddenly turns up - a shell of his former self-, Simon and Tillie soon find themselves in the Lost Temple of the Sun one step ahead of a crooked art collector to return a stolen dagger, lift a curse, and help a hero regain his self-esteem and self-worth.

Papa Simon
A baby left on the doorstep brings 'Uncle' Alex and 'Papa' Simon a series of new adventures, including saving the infant's teenage parents from the clutches of a ruthless businessman looking to sell the baby for profit, and helping the young family find their way back home.

Simon must race against the clock and risk his own life to save the life of the robot he created and discover who is trying to frame H.E.N.R.I. for murder before they kill again.

~Never Completed Episodes~

Simon vs. Simon

Two Souls/One Breath

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