Story Evolution

from 'Small Wonder' to 'The Wizard of Elm Street'


Each link below will take you to a draft, notes or script tracing the creative evolution of The Wizard leading up to 'El Dorado'. These pages are from The Michel Berk Collection.

Scattered through these drafts, story outlines & scripts are ideas you will recognize from many episodes.

As always, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz & The MGT. would like to remind everyone that the content of these pages belongs to the authors & The Wizard. Please enjoy reading, but remember that plagiarism is not cool.

Small Wonder - Reuben Forest Story Concept

The Wizard of Elm Street

Michael McNab Story Concept - October 4, 1985

Michael McNab Story Outline

Michael McNab Story Outline - Take Two - October 18, 1985



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