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     July 31, 2007

    Special Thanks . . .

    . . . to Michael Berk for alerting David's cousin & manager, Frankie Leigh, who then alerted David's brother, Irving Rappaport, to the existence of the fansite & the petition drive.

    I am very happy to report to all the fans that Frankie Leigh & Irving Rappaport are alive & well & both give the site their blessing.  They seriously thought no one remembered.  It's been a pleasure through this site & the Rappaport Pages site to prove them wrong & we are all very pleased & honored to have their support.

    I must also thank Michael for letting me know about the man who made most of the fan's favorite toys possible - Larry Jolly.  Mr. Jolly is a model builder who built the planes from An Inside Job, as well as the car & helicopter in El Dorado.

    . . . to Frankie Leigh for sending us all a personal message through this site.  A difficult task for her, but something she felt she was ready to do.

    . . . to Nabil Shaban for leaving a bittersweet message in the Guestbook/Memory Page, adding a link from his website to this one, which not only encourages people to visit the site, but also to add their names to the petition, AND for adding his own name to the petition.  Our first global signature!!!!

    . . . to Cathy King for alerting everyone she knows to the existence of the site & the petition drive, which brought us 5 of the last 6 names to the list.

    Speaking of which . . .


    The Petition List Update 

    . . . and then there were 32!!!  Only 1,968 to go to reach the minimum.

    Thank you Nicole, Camille, Sally, Jim, Nabil & Ofelia for adding your names to the list.  It's wonderful to have you on board.

    There are now several people on the petition list who have never even seen the show, yet they think it's worth adding their voice to let 20th Century Fox know they want to see it.  Just imagine how many names there would be on the list if even 1/2 of the fans visiting the website searching for the show on home video would add their names to the petition list, as well.  The list would be over 150 strong.

    Please don't forget that EVERYONE, from anywhere in the world, is invited & encouraged to add their name to the Petition List.  Just email The MGT. to have your name added.

    My sincerest thanks, as always, to everyone who has already signed the petition & left a message in the Guestbook/Memory Page.  Every name & message is vitally important.


    The Michael Berk Collection

    As I suspected, I have been unable to add as many new items to the site as I would have liked during this month.  However, the Publicity Pictures section now includes 2 additional news articles & Simon's character description page is sporting a video still from the original show opening.  Perhaps someday we will be able to showcase that opening on this site.  I remember it & I remember being very, very sad & disappointed when the switch was made to the opening everyone is used to.

    I do have 2 new pictures from my collection to add to the site, plus tons to add from Michael's collection.  I did update the Creative Team page to include a credit to Larry Jolly.


    The Party

    The time is quickly approaching for the 21st Anniversary Party in September.  Send me an email if you are interested in attending or have any questions.  This party is open to everyone including the cast & crew.  This will be just a friendly gathering so no one will be obligated to take pictures or sign autographs & no one will be paid to make an appearance.  I will only post pictures on the site if all persons in the picture give their permission.

    We are still trying to think of something to do for all those who wish to attend, but won't be able to make it.  Something to connect us all on the day in question.  Please let me know if you have any ideas on this front, as well.

    We have started a fund with The Starlight Foundation in honor of the show.  We would like to have a raffle for some great Wizardly prizes, one of which will be a $50 gift certificate to so someone will be able to get their own pair of All-Stars or any Converse shoes they wish.  All of the proceeds from the raffle will be going directly to The Starlight Foundation.  Those of us putting the party together will not have our names in the drawing, but we will be adding to the donation & personally purchasing most of the prizes.

    You do not have to attend the party to have your name added to the raffle.  Raffle tickets will be sold by The MGT. via PayPal.  The tickets will go for $1 each or 6 for $5.  Your name will be placed on a ticket or tickets (depending upon how many you purchase, of course) & the tickets will be drawn at random by an innocent sucker ~ um, I mean third party.  I will match the donation amount & send the money directly to The Starlight Foundation.  This is one time when I will actually put the amount raised on the Donation Page of the website & list it in the newsletter along with the winners name unless they ask me not to.

    Please email me if you wish to purchase a ticket & I will send you the necessary PayPal info.  I will also start updating the Party page with a list of raffle prizes as soon as possible.

    I will also add a link to the Wizard webpage on the Starlight Foundation website to the Home Page, as well as the Starlight page in the Charity Works section.


    Visitor Counter & Log     

    As of the uploading of this newsletter, the Home Page Visitor Counter has reached 437 new & returning visitors.

    The Visitor Location Log shows new global visitors from France, Canada, Australia, England, Columbia, Israel, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain & Costa Rica.  American visitors have been checking in from Idaho, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, Washington state, Louisiana, Iowa, Arizona, New Hampshire & Illinois.



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