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Creative Team

~"What I do is far more important than any covert operation. . . .I keep magic alive." - Simon to Alex - El Dorado~

Clockwise from Left: Peter Hunt, Douglas Schwartz, Doug Barr, Fran Ryan, Paul Radin, Michael Berk, David Rappaport

The credits listed on this page appear in every, or nearly every, episode's list of credits.  This page, by no means, infers that anyone on the show was more or less important than anyone else.

Series Created By

Douglas Schwartz, Michael Berk, Paul B. Radin

Music Composed By

Arthur B. Rubinstein

Executive Producers

Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz

Director of Photography

James Pergola, A.S.C.

Unit Production Manager

Lindsley Parsons III

Set Decorator

Robert Signorelli

Radio Controlled Cars, Planes, etc.

Larry Jolly

Post Production Supervisor

Skip Lusk

Costume Designer

Judy Truchan

Sound Mixer

Will Yarbrough


Sheila, Helene, et. al. 

Photos from The Michael Berk Collection


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