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El Dorado


Originally Aired September 9, 1986

~"That (levitation) was something I picked up from a guy in Tibet." - Simon to Alex~

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Carpetbag Hydrogen Pouches/ Sports Car / El Hombre Dorado / Teddy Bear / The Girl Trap

Mobile Hologram Projector

One thing Simon McKay definitely understood was the dilemma of a child who finds themselves with no one else to play with.  This toy was Simon's solution.

It certainly wasn't just any hologram projector.  It was really 2 projectors working together to create a very realistic 3D image of any person the operator could imagine.  The projectors were fitted with wheels & an internal computer that was able to recognize the user.  It was also radio controlled.

Always wanted to play tag or hide & seek with your favorite super hero or, better still, genius toy inventor?  Well, the Mobile Hologram Projector was designed to make that daydream a bit closer to reality.

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The Workshop

Simon's basement workshop is the stuff of many a happy fan memory.  The resident wordsmith may never be able to find the words that could possibly do justice to the imagination & detail that went into designing & decorating the workshop, let alone the rest of Simon's house - inside & out.  It is definitely something that deserves to be celebrated & appreciated on high-definition DVD.

The workshop contained toys, games, government prototypes, chemist equipment ~ the list goes on & on & on & on & on.  Anything you can imagine & then some ~ & then some after that.

In this episode we get to see one of Simon's most treasured features.  The safe in the private inner workshop that held a secret stash of Simon's ultimate inspiration, candy & cookies.

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The Model Train

Of all the toys & machines in the workshop, this one gets special recognition as one of the most beloved of fan memories.  The MGT. has found many a message board post across the internet from fans who remember the large model train running the length of the workshop walls on a track Simon had placed on it's own special shelf.

A must have for any kid at heart.

Always wanted one of your own?  Just check out model train stores in your area or on the web for your own train.  Check out local hardware or home improvement stores to learn how to make a shelf.

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This toy was invented by Jack Brooke, who was absolutely certain it was going to be the next Slinky or Silly-Putty ~ if it didn't squash somebody first.

A polymer mixed with urethanes & diustyrenes, Jack had originally conceived this toy to be nothing more than a different kind of sculpting clay.  But, like most great inventions, Jack would stumble ~ or, to be more precise, spill ~ over the Puff qualities of his new invention by sheer accident.  The contents of the foam acted like an over zealous sponge, slurping up any liquid that it came in contact with & 'puffing' up out of control.  The newly waterlogged material wasn't light, either.  Thus giving it that deadly squashing quality that nearly took out it's equally over zealous inventor had it not been for the quick actions of Simon, Darcy & Alex.

Not to be dissuaded by something so trivial as a near death experience with a woman-shaped piece of now-christened Puffoam, the young apprentice set about trying to find a way to control the growth of the foam.  He even developed the material to take on a transformation quality & made an egg that would turn into a duck when water was added.  The transformation bit worked beautifully.  However, Jack just couldn't stop the material from soaking up every last drop of liquid it came into contact with.  He & Simon, especially Simon, found out the hard way that Puffoam was definitely not a bath toy.

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Another beloved fan memory, this helicopter was a very special radio controlled vehicle.  Special because the controls are hands-free.  Simon developed a special pilot's helmet with an antenna on the side that would allow the operator to fly the helicopter just by using their imagination.

Just imagine you're the pilot.  Imagine the helicopter taking off & flying around.  Then watch it happen!  The controls are, literally, all in your mind.

The helicopter also makes an appearance in Born to Run, where we get to see it's capabilities as a defensive weapon ~ non-lethal, of course.

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Carpet Bag Hydrogen Pouches

As Jack explained to Alex, Simon fitted his trusty carpet bag with liquid hydrogen pouches to counterbalance any weight inside & thus make it easier to carry.  Jack, himself, had designed the release mechanism, which would send the liquid into the pouches turning liquid to gas & filling the pouches like balloons.  The release mechanism, itself, was concealed as a rivet on one of the bag handles.

By opening the bag compartment that concealed them, Simon would also find these pouches useful as balloons powerful enough to pull him up into the air when the only escape route to safety was skyward.

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Sports Car

The ultimate in radio controlled cars & another fan favorite, this toy sports car gave it's last full measure saving Simon, Darcy & Alex from the Hong Kong underground baddies who were trying to kidnap Simon & sell him to the highest bidder.

Simon's toy car was equipped with a video camera which was linked to a very sophisticated control unit.  The video link allowed car & driver to be in two places at once.  In this instance, giving the term 'backseat driver' a whole new meaning.  Steering was controlled by means of a joy stick, which gave the car great maneuverability.  The car itself could reach incredible racing speeds.  Fast enough to keep up with any car on the road.

Although the control unit was covered with buttons, only one special feature was used on this rescue mission.  Driving the toy car under the pursuing vehicle & lining it up with the right front axle, Simon shot a volt of electricity from the toy car powerful enough to incapacitate the villain's car.  Thus allowing our heroes to escape & continue on to rescue mission at hand.

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El Hombre Dorado

The Golden Man.  Legendary protector of the treasures buried in Lake Tupa, South America.  Simon would use this legend to help Alex & Darcy rescue archeologist Douglas Wayne & escape from the clutches of robber baron Ricardo Ray & his gang.

Simon became El Hombre Dorado using gold body paint, palm leaves & levitation.  He even got Mother Nature into the act by using the earth's natural noises, giving it a bit of feedback & turning up the volume, to create a god-like earthquake & wind storm.  Just enough to frighten off as many of the local men as possible & give the out numbered rescuers the upper hand.

No matter how much Alex begged or cajoled him for an explanation, Simon wouldn't say exactly how he created the earthquake & wind storm or how he was able to levitate over the lake.

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Teddy Bear

A present from Simon to Brian Wayne.

Teddy gave the term 'interactive toy' a whole new meaning, although he certainly wouldn't be the last Wizard toy in this category.  Like the rest of those interactive toys (mostly an assortment of animals), Teddy ran on an internal computer that came complete with reasoning & a long term memory.

He was a great conversationalist & a snappy dresser, as well.

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The Girl Trap

(Please, don't try this one anywhere at anytime with anyone or anything!  No matter how tempting it sounds!)

Another invention of Jack Brooke, Esq., the lovesick, overly hormonal teen desperate to win the affections & attention of the most popular girl in class.  Well, if she wasn't naturally attracted to Jack's rugged good looks, boyish charms & winning smile, he'd just used science to fool her into thinking she was.

This invention was based on the notion that a girl falls for a guy when the mere touch of his hand sends electric current like thrills down her spine.  So, Jack hooked himself up with batteries & wires to create 1/2 of a circuit.  In theory, all it would take is contact with another person ~ namely one Debbie Snow ~ to complete the circuit &, bingo!, instant thrills of love.

Whether or not this experiment in love (or should we say lust) was a success remains a mystery.  Hopefully, Simon was able to talk Jack out of it before anyone got hurt.  Including Jack, himself, who was apt to forget his invention made him an electrocution waiting to happen.

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written by The MGT. - Updated February 6, 2007


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