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Wizard Trivia

General Trivia from the series

Most Information Courtesy of The Michael Berk Collection

    There are many more bits of trivia located throughout the site.  In future this page will be for any trivia not really episode specific.  For now this will be a holding page for all trivia.

Translation of Polish Title 'Czarodziej z Ulicy Wiazów'
Wizard from Street Wiazów *

Translation of Portuguese Title 'Passe de Magica'
Pass to Magic

Additional Alternate US Show Title
The Adventures of Simon McKay

The actual location of Simon's house for the exterior shots, garage & neighborhood:
Santa Monica, California, USA
(yes, it's still there.)

The actual location of Simon's house for the interior shots & some exterior shots:
Stages 9 & 17 of the Fox Studios

Actual number of episodes in existence:
21.  Only 19 were filmed before the show was canceled.

Simon's Vehicles:
Citreon (only seen in El Dorado), Bronco

Simon's Favorite Shoes:
Converse Classic Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi-Tops of various colors (sometimes hand decorated)

Did Simon &/or The Wizard make an appearance on the series Baywatch?:
No. This is a rampant fan myth.
The episode "Shortsighted" (1994) was dedicated to David Rappaport, & one character (played by Ed Gale) was named "Simon McKay" by Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz as a part of that tribute.

Tillie Russell's Original Last Name

    Morgan Brittany, who would later appear in Born to Run, was originally called in to try out for the role of Darcy Stafford in El Dorado.  A role which, of course, went to Cheryl Gates McFadden.

Darcy Stafford's Original Names:
Darcy McKay, Darcy Quinn

Agent Linden's First Name:

Ed, but listed in scripts as David

Linden's Original Character Names:
Ed Coblentz, David T. Coblentz, Ed Linder, David Linder (this name was only used in El Dorado)

 *The MGT. hopes to someday find a software that can write out the name 'Wiazów' correctly

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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