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Networking & Fan Clubs

Authorized Places Where Wizard Friends Can Meet

Below is a list of authorized places for Wizard friends to to meet. Of course, if you know of any places not listed below, please contact The MGT. so we can check them out, get involved, & list them here if they become authorized by meeting Wizard/Rappaport Qualilty standards.

No one is obligated to join any or all of the groups or hosting sites listed below.

Before creating any new tribute websites, webpages, clubs, even pages within an internet community, please email Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz for authorization regarding The Wizard. Please email David Rappaport's family via his Wizard email address for authorization regarding any tributes for him.

Authorization should be sought for every case, even if you have already started.

Also be aware that fan tributes & any pages created for another person, celebrity, or entitiy is against the rules of most internet communities (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc.) unless you are an authorized representative. Simply being a fan does not automatically qualify anyone as an authorized representative. Should you decide to break the rules, don't be surprised to face the consequences.

Friendship, diversity & respect are major parts of The Wizard. Networking is also an important ingredient to Rescuing The Wizard. Please make sure this networking is done in a Wizardly way.

Networking on MySpace (The MGT.)

Networking on Facebook (The MGT.)

Simon's Workshop Fan Club (Yahoo Groups)
requires request for membership (don't let that scare you off)

The Wizard Fan Club (MySpace Groups)
does not require request for membership

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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