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Contact The Wizard

It would be very much appreciated if anyone even remotely thinking about it would refrain from using these email addresses to send spam or inappropriate messages.

Fan Letters, Memories, & Rescue The Wizard emails, however, are very much encouraged. Anyone not listed would appreciate messages left on the Memories Page. Thank you!!!

Networking & Fan Club Links:


To Contact Simon McKay:

To Contact David Rappaport's Family
Authorization/Permission Requests & Inquiries :


To Contact Michael Berk via this site


To Contact Michael Berk via Facebook:

To Contact Douglas Schwartz

To Contact Priscilla Weems

To Add Your Name to the RescueThe Wizard Petition (including DVD release)

To Send a Memory &/or Fan Letter for the Memories of The Wizard page:


To Contact The MGT.
Authorized Representative of The Wizard & David Rappaport:


To Contact The MGT. via The Wizard's MySpace page:



To Contact The MGT. via Facebook:


To Contact The MGT. via Twitter:

Postal Mailing Address forThe Wizard :

PO Box 428584
Cincinnati, OH 45242-8584



In order to protect privacy & space while continuing to bridge the chasm between The Wizard & the fans The MGT. has always left open the option to create site specific email addresses for any member of the cast & crew who are interested. Some are choosing to take me up on that offer - able to meet the public half way. Above are also page specific emails for your convenience.

If you are looking to contact a specific person from the show & don't see an email address listed above, don't panic & don't give up. Many from The Wizard are extremely busy & would rather not create or add an email address than disappoint any of you by not being able to respond to individual messages. They would, however, very much appreciate it if you would be kind enough to consider leaving a Fan Message for them on the Memory Page so they can read your message at their convenience & everyone can share in the celebration, as well. Honestly, there's just no telling who is visiting the site or when, so you never know who you may be inspiring.

The email address for Simon McKay is there for any fan who only remembers Simon & would feel more comfortable sending a message to him.

All of us at The Wizard hope this makes visiting the site a much more personal & enjoyable experience for you. And, we want to thank you for visiting Simon McKay's official cyberspace home!!

Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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