In Loving Memory

Note from The MGT.

One of my tasks has been to locate as many members of The Wizard cast & crew as possible. Of course, this also means discovering who among this inspirational group can now only be a part of this project in spirit. Since their influence will always be felt through The Wizard it seems only fitting that they be recognized on a page of their own.

This is not meant to be a page of mourning. Instead, it is meant to be a page of celebration for the magic each person added to our lives.


David Rappaport

Fran Ryan

Paul B. Radin

Robert Signorelli

Macon McCalman

Albert Paulsen

Christopher Carey

Ben Frank

Robert Darnell

Viveca Lindfors

Robert Symonds

Professor Toru Tanaka

Avery Schreiber

Dick Yarmy

Ken Letner

Molly David

Gerald Gordon

Harvey Vernon

Matt Roe

Skeeter Vaughn

Keene Curtis

Stewart Granger

Roy Brocksmith

Roddy McDowall

Douglas Seale

page updated April 4, 2008