The Starlight Starbright Foundation

Letter of Permission for the Foundation's Appearance

in 'El Dorado'

Transcribed in its entirety with permission from Peter Samuelson

March 19, 1986

To Paul Radin

Following our pleasant conversation I am pleased to confirm the request I am making as President of the Starlight Foundation concerning your upcoming production of "The Wizard of Elm Street". The Starlight Foundation exists to grant the wishes of critically, chronically & terminally ill children through five offices throughout the United States. We are a fully accredited, national charity, registered with the IRS & all other applicable state, federal & local authorities.

Our motto is:

"Starlight, starbright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight".

We would very much like to ask you to mention the name of Starlight in your program when dealing with a wish-granting organization in your narrative or in dialogue. Thus, we would like to see anything along the following lines:

"Those are the people from the Starlight Foundation."

"What is that?"

"It is the organization that grants wishes to critically ill kids . . ."

By this letter I give you the assurance of the organization that Starlight authorizes you & your fellow producers personally, BSR Productions, 20th Century Fox Television & its affiliates, & the CBS Television Network & its affiliates to use the words "The Starlight Foundation" or any permutation thereof in your program & any following episodes of your program, as well as in any promotional or other connected material regardless of medium, worldwide & in perpetuity in this connection.

I would be delighted to sign a more formal document to this effect at your convenience, & I am at your disposal for further discussion.

We work very hard to grant wishes to dying children & it is nice to think that you & your associates have the sensitivity to join with us in creating the national exposure through your program which may enhance our ability to make more wishes come true.

Yours very truly,

Peter Samuelson, President

Please join The Wizard in raising money to grant wishes through the Starlight Foundation by following this link.

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