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Originally Aired September 16, 1986

~"In your imagination.  That's the best place to play." - Simon to the Elm Street Kids~

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Stringless Yo-Yo

    This Wizard toy doesn't take electricity or batteries or radio controls ~ or string.  It works by sheer magnetism.  Something the inventor has plenty of in more ways than one.

    Instead of being controlled by a string, this yo-yo works based on the distance between the magnet in the disc & a magnet placed on the user's finger.  Kept a certain distance apart, the user can make the disc do any yo-yo trick ~ walk the dog, around the world, etc.~ by moving the corresponding magnet attached to their finger.  When the magnets are brought close enough together, the disc will pull back to the user's hand.

    Perfect for a novice.  No more untying knots or rewinding string.

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Spit Tester

    This hand-held gizmo really did have a purpose.  It was anything Simon wanted it to be. The Health Inspector (a.k.a. Alex) & Mr. Baggit (a.k.a. Simon) from the Bureau of Disease Control, for example, found it very useful in their food poisoning charade to save Tillie from the thugs Troyan had assigned to watch her every move.

    Kudos to Alex for inventing the charade!!

    Once turned on, the gizmo's lights flashed & moved around.  It made a futuristic noise as though it were taking a reading of the atmosphere in the room.  Simon pushed a button & a small drawer compartment suddenly opened at the end.  Directing one of the thugs to carefully spit into the drawer, Mr. Baggit proceeded to 'test' the specimen for signs of ptomaine poisoning by closing the drawer & staring at the gizmo's screen in a very concerned & learned manner.  The Health Inspector didn't look very hopeful, either.

    Between performers & prop, it was a very convincing show.

    The test results?  "Very bad, very bad", sighed Mr. Baggit in the gravest tone of voice he could muster.  The cure?  A piece of candy & marching orders to go outside & get some fresh air.  Proving, once again, that silly confusion can often be much more effective than serious order or strong arming.

    The down side?  Somebody had to clean out that drawer.  Yuck!!!

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    The strong man.  As versatile as any other Wizard toy, Grunt's body could be kept inside his head.  This allowed Grunt to roll around like a ball, if necessary.  Instead of having a radio control, he could be summoned & worked remotely by playing a certain circus-like tune on a single octave diatonic harmonica.

    In this episode, Grunt is needed to push open the bars on the window of the cell where Troyan's minions have placed Simon, Alex & Tillie.  Once Grunt had made his way from the carpet bag a street or two over to the window in question, Simon gave Alex a bow & suction-cupped arrow with string attached to secure Grunt the ball & pull him up from the street to the window.  Directing Alex to place the now secured Grunt in between the bars, Simon started again to play that circus-like tune on his harmonica sending Grunt the strong man into action.

    Grunt's head slowly rose up to reveal his feet, legs, torso & arms.  As Simon continued to play, Grunt placed one hand on each bar & began to push until the bars had moved far enough apart to let prisoners escape.

    Grunt also makes an appearance in The Aztec Dagger.

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written by The MGT. ~ Updated March 29, 2007

Grunt's remote control song performed on Diatonic Harmonica by David Rappaport


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