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Nobody's Perfect


formerly entitled: No Ifs Ands or Robots

Originally Aired November 8, 1986

Simon inadvertently discovers the cure for Inventor's Block when he must rescue his best inventing buddy from the clutches of a mobster bent on using a garbage eradicating machine to destroy incriminating evidence.

~Moe: "I'm going to put myself into a comic book.  That way maybe I'll at least win sometimes in the end."

Simon: "Yeah, but then you can only say those little words that can fit in the bubbles, you know."~


*Revised Final Script - September 30, 1986*

*No Ifs Ands or Robots ~ Rough Story Outline ~1st Draft*

*Nobody's Perfect ~ 2nd Draft*

*Nobody's Perfect ~ Basic Story Beats ~ Troyan Draft
~ Acts 1 & 2*

*Nobody's Perfect ~ Story Outline
~ Act 2 & Beginning of Act 3*

*Episode Synopsis*


*Simon's Travels*

*The Cast*

*The Crew*

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