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Nobody's Perfect

Story Outline ~ Act 2 & Beginning of Act 3

Originally Aired November 8, 1986

(ACT ONE as outlined)


1. EXT. HOTEL ROOF ~ Alex makes heroic rescue ~ Harry just going to play his kazoo ~ is distraught ~ everything wrapped up in Garbag-a-rator ~ was his consummate invention that would have set him up for life as well as solve one of the world's biggest problems ~ Simon believes Harry & promises to help find his machine.

2. INT. DESERT HIDEAWAY ~ Pranski's men can't get machine to work ~ Pranski furious ~ got two days to make it work or he could go to jail ~ orders men to go get Harry.

3. INT. CORRIDOR ~ (NIGHT)  Simon & Alex escort Harry back to his room ~ Harry down, says it's over . . . . . maybe should just pack up & go home like all the other times ~ all those cruel jokes from his peers were right on . . . . . he's a loser ~ Simon reminds Harry he's been accused of being a loser all his life because like Harry he's different.  But so was Beethoven . . . De Vinci . . . Feldstein . .  Feldstein?  My chemistry teacher.  He was crazy!  Makes Harry laugh & makes date for breakfast when they will look for machine after good night's sleep.  HOLD ON Harry as he enters room & is grabbed by Pranski's men.

4. POOLSIDE TABLE ~ is set for breakfast ~ Alex passing time with pretty sunbather as Simon joins him ~ just called Harry's room & got no answer.  Is a half-hour late.  Alex rationalizes, but Simon worried & insists on check room.

5. CORRIDOR / HOTEL ROOM ~ door open ~ Simon & Alex enter & find it empty with Harry's things gone.  Alex calls front desk & finds that Harry checked out last night.  Alex presumes Harry went home to lick his wounds, but Simon says no.  Not like Harry after promising to meet them.

6. DETECTIVE ROOM ~ detective doing computer enhancement of composite picture of felon when Simon & Alex appear ~ want to report a missing person now that they've checked everywhere including calling Harry's wife.  The Detective says sorry, but he can't report it until 24 hours later.  Simon sees detective struggling with match up problem & offers to help being expert at the computer.  Simon reaches in & punches several keys & suddenly eyes, ears, nose & mouth get juxtaposed.

7. INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR / HARRY'S ROOM ~ Simon drags Alex back to room ~ knows Harry in trouble ~ find maid vacuuming & making up room ~ Simon identifies them as with the State Pest Control office ~ find kazoo under bed & several slight signs of a struggle (a tipped lamp shade, a backwards cushion on the couch, two long scuff marks on the carpet leading to the door  (Alex begins to see the light, postulates marks could be made by heels of a man being dragged) ~ Simon "requisitions" the maid's vacuum & reverses it sending dirt flying amid cloud of dust ~ Alex picks up tiny seashell ~ Simon lights up ~ just might be break he's looking for ~ SMASH CUT TO:

8. POOLSIDE TABLE ~ TIGHT on U.S. SURVEY MAP of area as Simon pinpoints only place deposit of prehistoric shells have been found ~ Alex in dark until Simon explains one of Harry's abductor's must have had shell wedged in tread of his shoe of boot ~ (couldn't have been Harry!) ~ Simon gets up as same pretty girl approaches, waving at Alex ~ Alex ends up having to break date to accompany Simon after he can't talk Simon into waiting the 24 hours ~ clincher is when Simon assumes Alex is his friend & as such would do the same if he were missing.  FADE OUT.

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1. EXT. DESERT HIGHWAY ~ CAMERA PANS FROM STATE PARK SIGN to COUNTRY GAS STATION where Simon pulls up to the "Self Serve" pump & engages OWNER sitting on front porch in conversation as he pumps gas ~ pries him for information abut homes in immediate area rented out by city folk ~ learns of house rented by bunch of hunters although he can't figure out why they'd want to sit around 3 months waiting for season to open ~ Simon meanwhile is having trouble getting any gas & ends up banging on pump in frustration ~ Alex comes around & makes simple nozzle adjustment & gas starts flowing much to Simon's chagrin.  Simon pays for gas & off they go.

(The rest of Act III to track as written)

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Page property of Rick Mittleman, Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz

Draft from The Michael Berk Collection

(Note from The MGT:  This page was transcribed from the original copy.  I've attempted to stay as true to the original format as possible.  This is how a brilliant Rough Draft is written, kidz.  Take note, but please don't plagiarize.  Thank you!!)



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