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Message from Doug Barr

    Working on The Wizard was an absolute joy. The material was uplifting, the producers, Doug, Michael, and Paul wonderful, the crew extraordinary and the cast delightful. David was assuredly one of the most talented actors with whom I've had the pleasure of performing. More importantly, he was a bright and sensitive friend who is missed, I'm sure, by all who were touched by his kind soul. Seeing this wonderful web site brings back many fond memories and I'm very grateful to Jessica for the hard work that's obviously been put into it. The Wizard was one of those rare situations in which television lived up to its potential to be both entertaining and inspiring and I'm extremely proud to have been a small part of it.  - Doug Barr

February 2, 2007

~This message really is from Doug Barr, himself.  The MGT. has reprimanded him for the "small part of it" bit, as we all know he was much more than a small part of the show.~