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David Rappaport

Additional Pictures

Attending the Glastonbury Music Festival - 1971
(Photo property of the photographer)


Personal Publicity Photo
autographed for fans during late 1970's
(Photo property of The Rappaport Family)

as Nano (in rehearsals & onstage) in "Volpone"
1977 National Theatre Production
(Photos property of the National Theatre)

As Grogard in "Mysteries" - 1978

As Jesus in "Cuba" - 1978
(Photos Copyrighted by Columbia Pictures)

As Randall in "Time Bandits" - 1981
(Photo Copyrighted by Hand Made Films)

As Rinaldo in "The Bride" - 1985
(Photo Copyrighted by Columbia Pictures)

As Nick Derringer in "Hooperman" - 1988
(Photo Courtesy of Cathy King -
Copyrighted by 20th Century Fox)

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