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David Rappaport

Message from Frankie Leigh to all of the Fans

(Note from The MGT.:  Frankie Leigh is David's cousin & was his manager during his time in America.  The following is a message she sent to The MGT. to pass along to you.  I wanted to take a moment to recognize the strength & courage it took for her to write about what will always be a deeply sensitive subject for those who were close to David.  Part of the goal in these messages is to celebrate David's life & the work he left behind ~ the wholly unique life force & spirit that is David Stephen Rappaport.  Another part of the goal is to dispel the rumors & hearsay that have been running rampant for the past 17 years.)

This is so hard for me right now to put pen to paper after so many years and so much pain, but I would like to thank everyone who is supporting the web site to bring David's show for people to see and appreciate this very special actor who left us far too early in his amazing life.

David was a very happy person who loved life and loved to explore the world.  He found his love when he met Eliza, and they traveled together and shared some wonderful times with each other.

His big love was of course his son Joe who he at every chance he got flew over to Los Angeles to be with him and show him his new world he had come to call home.

David worked with some very special people to many to name but some of them were Doug Schwartz, Mike Burke, Steven Bochco, David Kelly and so many more.  Star Trek had written a special episode for him and, unfortunately, it was their producers who called to tell me something was wrong and maybe David needed to take a few days off.  I had no idea what this was about, and thought that David was a little under the weather and working too hard, he indicated nothing!

I am so pleased that I did contact his brother Irving who flew over to be with David and spent some time with him, and again no signs of anything more then maybe overworked! the rest is history.

I could be angry at some of the Doctors who treated him for not keeping me informed of what was going on, but that too does not help bring David back, and try fighting with the medical system! They would not talk with me anyway, patient/Doctor privileges whatever that means.  I spent too many years being mad, but I have to move on now and help keep David's name and great work alive.  I know so many people admired his work and looked up to him as an actor.

I will tell you one quick story that I experienced when he was working on LA Law..........he had to do a scene that was so long and the producers were sure that it could not be done in one shot, but as I stood on the side of the set with Harry Hamlin and watched David deliver his lines in one take! we all started to applaud and gave him a standing ovation!  He was just amazing, and you had to be there to appreciate it, as you know they can cut and edit you so much that the person watching the TV show does not have an idea how many takes an actor can take to deliver a scene and a scene that was so special.

I hope I have given you all a little insight to this amazing person who will now always live on in our hearts and on film.

I would like to take a moment to give a big thank you to Jessica Markoff Chaney for making this happen.  She is very special and all the people she has contacted and brought together for David.  As I told her David is probably smiling down on her and has used her to bring everyone together.

All the very best,

Frankie Leigh

July 31, 2007



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