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The Wizard on DVD

part of the Rescue The Wizard Campaign

The official
Rescue The Wizard campaign video
hosted by Nabil Shaban, with David Rappaport & Michael Berk

~"We're going out the front door.  That's the hardest part of any journey." - Simon to Alex & Darcy - El Dorado~

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE - 20TH Century Fox is very much aware of the fansite, the Recue The Wizard campaign, & the Petiton. They want to hear from the fans through this site, so please don't be shy about making your voice heard if you want to see The Wizard on your TV via rebroadcast & home video. December 12, 2008.

Looking to buy The Wizard, Le Magicien & El Hechicero on DVD?  Well, you've certainly come to the right place to help make that dream a reality.

Outside of the vaults at 20th Century Fox, the only copies in existence were taped by fans during the broadcasts 20 years ago.  Yes, there are fans that have taken their VHS tapes and dubbed them to DVD.  Some people are even lucky enough to have copies that were given to them as gifts.

Of course, it would be easy to just leave the show in the vaults.  It would be easy to just keep passing the copies around.  Sharing is great!  We're all for sharing, but how many fans - present and future around the world -  would be left out?  There are more fans out there than you might imagine.  Certainly far more than 20th Century Fox imagines.  Sharing is not going to get the show into the hands of ever single fan.

Sure, people could list their copies for sale on Ebay or elsewhere.  We could even use this website to sell copies if we really wanted to.

But This is NOT Why We Are Here!!!

It is also not a very Simonly thing to do.

For the cast and crew, this show was a labor of love.  (see message from Doug Barr)  For the fans of all ages, this show is a wonderful, positive memory.  Nothing would bring us more pleasure than to buy these episodes legitimately from 20th Century Fox knowing that those who are still with us and the estates of those who have passed are taken care of properly.  To know that Simon & Company will be able to reach out and open the minds of people all over the world once again.

No matter the region, no matter the language, this show deserves to be seen & heard in the high-definition clarity of today.  That is not going to happen if everyone continues to settle for copies of copies of copies of copies.  The major roadblock is convincing 20th Century Fox that there is enough demand for the show to make it worth their while.

This IS Why We are Here and You Can Definitely Help Make a Difference!!!

Which would be the Simonly thing to do.

To start, you can help by visiting the TV Shows on DVD website at http://tvshowsondvd.com/ and let your voice be heard.  While you're there you can also vote on any other television shows you would like to see released to DVD.

Next, please email The MGT. to have your name (first &/or last), city, state & country added to the Petition List on this website.  Your contact information will be kept confidential.  Everyone from every part of the world is welcomed & encouraged to sign the petition.  Fans of anyone appearing on the show, fans of the show, itself, members of the cast & crew, their families & friends, your family & friends.

Lastly, & perhaps most importantly, follow your own inspiration to fight for the release of the show. If you have any ideas on ways to get the word out, please put them into action. Tell your friends & family. Alert your local media. Mention the show in the clubs, blogs & message boards where you hang out. If you find something that works then email The MGT. & I'll see about passing the idea on to the rest of the fans.

Please don't leave this all up to the petition to do the trick. We won't give up, but leaving it all up to a single petition will take a long time. Petition campaigns for other US television shows have needed at least 2,000 names before the network &/or studio in question took the fans seriously.  There are far more than 2,000 fans of The Wizard, Le Magicien & El Hechicero out there & every single name on the petition is preciously important & cherished. Helping to get the message out there is an important part of the process.

If we can get The Wizard released in North America, we can also petition it's release in France, South America, the UK, Poland & anywhere else in the world whether it aired in that country or not.

Any help you can give will be vital in letting 20th Century Fox know just how important this show is.  They will not be convinced until we can show them a united front of support.

It's not just for the fans of the present, but also for all of those Simon & the gang can reach in the future.

Thank You for Your Help in Bringing Magic Back to Life!!!

written by The MGT. on behalf of the cast, the crew & all fans - past, present & future.

~ Alex - "Do this, Simon, & I'll buy you a candy bar."  Simon - "I'm glad you realize my services don't come cheaply." - The Other Side~

To Petition List>

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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