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Updates from Elm Street

January, 2009


Starting this year, The Wizard now has a public blog. We hope this blog will allow everyone to network better than before. The information on this page will become apart of the archives.


The blog is hosted by TypePad.com, but you won't need an account with TypePad or any OpenID website to leave a comment.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with public blogs, "Subscribing" to the blog means that you will receive an email whenever new posts are added. It will be a great way to keep up with the Rescue The Wizard campaign.

When leaving a comment, please keep in mind that foul language (even masked with asterisks(*)), yelling, messages not fit for general audiences, spam, & any other un-Wizardly content will not be permitted. It would also be fabulous if anyone with a negative attitude would please refrain from leaving a comment. We are about Positive Mental Attitude. We know this will succeed, so there's no use telling us it won't.

Posts will be made available for leaving message regarding the Rescue The Wizard campaign. We will keep a tally for each new post.

There is also a chance that you will see posts from The Wizard cast & crew.

We have also taken the opportunity to give everyone another way to help The Wizard bring fun & games to children around the world through The Starlight Foundation. Just use the "Give To" link in the top left-hand column to make a donation using the security of PayPal. All money raised via the blog will be given directly to The Starlight Foundation.

Soon all of the Updates from Elm Street links will go directly to the blog. We hope this blog becomes apart of your network to bring more people & attention toThe Wizard.

The MGT.


November 23, 2008


Since a birthday is something to celebrate, we dispense with the formalities of calling this a "birth anniversary".

New this year on the Fansite are sound bites of David's solo music performances on The Wizard. For quick links to all, check out David's Index Page. His family & friends are so very pleased to be able to share these performances with you all through this website.

Suggestions for celebrating David's birthday are:

Leave a message on David's Find A Grave Memorial

Make a donation to The Starlight Foundation

Vote for The Wizard on TVshowsonDVD.com if you haven't already

Sign the Fansite Petition if you haven't already

Talk & write about The Wizard & the Rescue The Wizard campaign

Contact your favorite television stations/networks to kindly suggesting that they add The Wizard to their broadcast lineup

David's family & friends are very appreciative of fan support & involvement in the Rescue The Wizard campaign. It means so much to them. It's a gift that will mean so much to viewers around the world.

The MGT.


September 14, 2008


Sounds like a line from The Wizard, doesn't it? Actually, this is my fortune from last night's fortune cookie. Yes . . . really. It's something I think we all need to be reminded of very frequently. Wizard fans from Los Angeles, California to Pakistan & beyond write to me constantly about how much they love Simon McKay & The Wizard, how deeply the series rests in their hearts, how desperate they are to watch The Wizard & introduce it to others in their families, circle of friends, & communities . . . . & how any campaign is simply impossible - &/or will take too long - so we should all just give up, except for wishing, begging for copies, &/or sending me wishes of good luck on MY attempt. (When the Rescue The Wizard campaign became an "attempt" or my struggle alone is beyond me.)


It is not surprising that The Wizard became such a personal experience for each & every viewer. What is surprising is that, after 2 years of building momentum with the Fansite & the campaign, the fandom in general still holds a very selfish attitude towards the series. When I started on this journey, I realized that if I wanted to see The Wizard again I was going to have to earn it. No matter where this journey has taken me or what surprising experiences I've been able to have along the way, I will not have really earned it until The Wizard is out again around the world.

And, just to clear the air, by "earning it" I mean watching the official release & rebroadcasts, not a faded, degraded copy taped from television. That I have been able to do for quite some time, yet I'm still in the fight where others have taken their copies & simply quit &/or stopped caring.

So, now my burning question is "How do I get the rest of the fandom to think the same way?" To think beyond what seeing The Wizard can do for you, & think of what you can do to repay The Wizard & share the series with the rest of the world.

The following is an excerpt from Twist of Fate when Alex finds himself trapped & unable to rescue Simon, whose life is literally hanging by a chain over a fire pit in the temple sanctuary. Alex must convince the other members of the temple trapped with him that it will not be against their beliefs or beyond their capacity to help Simon & Anthea, as well.

"There's a time to fight back, you know. . . . . I know about your beliefs. I live with a man who lives for your beliefs, & I've seen him risk his life for people who are in trouble. Well, now he's in trouble. If you want your principles to survive, then the people who believe in them have got to survive."

The same goes for this campaign. Simon McKay & everything he stands for, in your heart & the hearts of other fans around the world, is in trouble. Unjustly & unfairly trapped in the 20th Century Fox Studio vaults for over 20 years. He can't get out without everyone's help. In order for the memories & messages you hold so dear to your heart to survive, Simon McKay & The Wizard have got to survive . . . to be free.

As so many fans around the world have begged me when asking for copies, do it "for the love of Simon!" because unselfish caring is really what Simon's love is all about.

The MGT.


September 9, 2008


Yes, today is the 22nd anniversary of The Wizard's premiere. The bad news is that many, many unfortunate circumstances have left us without a fan party/convention this year. The good news is that each & every one of us can still celebrate the day.

Talk about The Wizard. Send a message for the Fansite. Post messages on your favorite message boards. Write to the editor of your local newspaper. Contact your local Fox & CBS affiliates. Write to The Parent's Television Council (either your local rep, the national headquarters or both). Getting the word out about The Wizard will help not only the show, but also other fans.

Of course, signing the Petition (which has now reach 354), or encouraging others to do so, will be a major help because it will let 20th Century Fox know that we are serious about wanting to bring back The Wizard & more shows like it.

Here is a bit of something The MGT. just submitted to my local newspaper:

"September 9, 2008 marks the 22nd anniversary of The Wizard, a series which remains unique in the annals of television. Starring David Rappaport, Douglas Barr, and Fran Ryan, The Wizard entertains, educates, and inspires with an appeal transcending generations, decades, societies, religions, even political boundaries. The first and still only television series to star an actor with dwarfism, The Wizard also remains the only television program not to exploite that condition for pity, humor, ratings or story lines. Diversity, self-belief, respect, friendship, non-violence, education, the importance of choices, and imagination are among the focal points used instead.

The Wizard is also unique in that it is not a fantasy. Rather than magic wands and incantations, Simon McKay (Rappaport), a.k.a. The Wizard of Elm Street, uses what he learns in life to solve problems, help others, and keep alive the wonders of childhood. If you ever wondered where or when you could use most of what you learn in school or life, this series inspires answers. When it comes to imagination, Simon doesn’t just ask the audience to accept what is presented. Instead, we are invited to join in the adventure by awakening our own imaginations and creativity. To realize that if he can do it, so can we, no matter where or who we are.

The appeal and magic continues today, as fans from around the world, my nieces (ages 12 and 6) and grand-uncle (age 89) can attest. If you would like to learn more about The Wizard, and help to bring back this program and others like it to television, please visit the The Wizard 1986 TV Official Fan Site at www.thewizardtvfansite.com.

Thank you from David Rappaport’s family, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, and Doug Barr."

The MGT.


June 27, 2008


Recent events have brought both The Wizard & this fansite to the attention of 20th Century Fox. Although details cannot be revealed, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, & The MGT. are working directly with 20th Century Fox to get The Wizard released from the vaults. David Rappaport's family is also very involved.

What I can tell you is that 20th Century Fox is very enthusiastic in regards to this fansite & the Rescue The Wizard Petition. They definitely want to know who is interested in The Wizard's rebroadcast & release to home video, so please don't be shy about making your voice heard.

Of course, any message you would also like to add to the Fan Memories & Rescue The Wizard pages will be appreciated, cherished, & influential to everyone.


Speaking of the Petition. . . and then there were 328. "THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!" to everyone who has added their names to date. Please check out all the very cool names for yourself.


Also, VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Nabil Shaban, who has been of major service to The Wizard. Bringing lots of fantastic ideas for Rescuing The Wizard to the table.


These are the newest pages on the fansite. Have fun checking out what's there so far.

Definitely lots more to add to this site, so always feel free to check back.

The MGT.


May 2, 2008

As many fans of The Wizard & David Rappaport know, today marks the 18th anniversary of David's passing. I'm sure all of the fans will join with me in sending love, respect, & warm thoughts to David's family & friends.

There are lots of ways you can pay your respects today:

Check out The David Rappaport Pages website

Leave a message on David's Find A Grave memorial page

Make a donation to The Wizard's Starlight Foundation Fund

Spend the day performing Random Acts of Kindness

Dare to Dream, to Follow Your Heart & Your Own Path, to Trust Your Instincts & Use Your Imagination to Its Fullest, to Believe Anything is Possible, to Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone, to Try, to Question, to Never Give Up, to Not Judge a Book by Its Cover, to Be The Wizard You Already Are, to Believe in the Magic that Already Exists in Each One of Us & the Universe.

Because Simon McKay & The Wizard meant so much to David, this also means a great deal to his family & friends. They are very much in favor of having The Wizard released to home video & rebroadcast all around the world, so please also consider sending a message for the newly christened Rescue The Wizard campaign & adding your name to the Petition List to let Fox know how much you want this to happen. David's family & friends send their thanks for the beautiful messages & petition signatures already out there.

The MGT.


April 30 - May 1, 2008


Thursday, May 1st is Doug Barr's birthday, so the fansite naturally sends him many happy returns & best wishes!!!!


You may have already noticed the addition of a new page called Contact The Wizard. If you have visited that page before, you may want to take another sneak peek. There has always been an open invitation to the cast & crew from The Wizard to create site specific emails, allowing them to maintain their privacy while gaining access to the public. Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz have decided to create emails for the site, & Priscilla Weems has graciously allowed the site to add links to her MySpace pages. Her personal MySpace page is listed as her contact. (note: you must register with MySpace before being able to send messages there)

Many people from The Wizard have their own personal websites &/or MySpace pages with personal contact information. Those links won't be listed on the fansite until The MGT. receives permission to do so.

There are also many from The Wizard, like Doug Barr, whose very hectic schedules don't allow them time to respond to fan letters personally. It's not that they don't wish to hear from the fans - they really truly love to hear from the fans -, it's that they care so much about not being able to respond & possibly disappointing anyone who takes the time to send them a personal message. Leaving fan letters via the Memories Page would be an awesome way to send them messages.

The MGT.


April 13, 2008

21 years ago fans of all different ages & backgrounds from across the country put pen to paper, gathered petition signatures, & passed out who knows how many copies of the famous yellow flyer. All in a valiant effort to show CBS & 20th Century Fox that The Wizard had a loyal & loving audience who wanted the show to remain on the air.

During the campaign, Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz asked fans to send them copies of the letters being sent to the CBS executive offices in New York & Los Angeles. Despite these letters being completely ignored by those in final charge of deciding the fate of The Wizard, Michael Berk saved the copies he was sent amongst his Wizard treasures. (He calls it memorabilia. I call it treasures.)

It has been an honor, a privilege, & truly an inspiration to be given the opportunity to read these letters & petitions of caring & support. The Wizard absolutely had (& continues to have) a profound & eternal effect on all who watched it.

And now, The MGT. gets to share these letters with the rest of the world.

Please take the time to check out the Save The Wizard Campaign section in this fansite. The fans who wrote in to save the show over the course of the 1986/87 season did such a fantastic job at describing The Wizard & its effect on their lives, & the lives of those around them. I just can't do them justice in a blog entry, but I am so honored to be able to finally let their words & thoughts be heard. And each & every letter is being carefully transcribed, sans any very personal information. If the author took the time to write 4 or 5 different letters to Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, & each CBS executive, then each letter will be transcribed. Every letter is very much worth reading.

Don't just imagine what might have happened had these letters been accessible via the internet back in 1986/87. Imagine what can happen right now if we all use these letters as an inspirational catalyst to bring "The Wizard" & more TV shows like it to the airwaves.

A tally of signatures is being carefully kept so that everyone can see how many letters were sent to Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz in support of The Wizard. The tally will be maintained both on the Save The Wizard Campaign index page & the Petition page in the hopes that it will inspire more signatures. Transcribing these letters is not a quick task so it will take a bit of time before the number of STW signtures surpasses the current Petition signatures. Sadly, it will surpass it, but I hope not for long.

The MGT.


April 6, 2008

At some point you may notice a new 404 Error page for the site. This page - entitled "Caution: Site Under Constant Invention" - is not only there to keep visitors inside the site with easy access to the menu bar, but also a way to let everyone know what information I need when there is a problem to report.

Another new page on the site is In Loving Memory, a page to celebrate all those from the show who can now only be a part of The Wizard in spirit. This page is not meant for mourning, but rather celebrating the magic & inspiration they gave to us.

It will take some time to update the menubars on every page. I will make sure that the Home page always has a current menubar for easy access to any new pages.

You might also want to check out the Home page when you get a chance. I have been given permission to add The Wizard theme song. Some people may find their browser asking them to download a free version of QuickTime Player to be able to hear this song. It is free & very worth the time. I can tell you that the song will not currently play on the iPhone. Think Positive & someday soon it will!!!

The MGT.


April 2, 2008

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Update: (There are many links left to submit, so please don't think anyone from the show has been forgotten in the following list.) The Fansite itself was approved as the first Official Website link for The Wizard on IMDB. Cast & Crew links approved on IMDB are: David Rappaport, Doug Barr, Fran Ryan, Cheryl Gates McFadden, Roy Dotrice, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul Radin, & Peter H. Hunt.

The next links submitted to IMDB will be for Priscilla Weems & Avery Schreiber.

MySpace News: The Wizard now has a home on MySpace. With approval from Michael Berk, The MGT. has created a URL address to match the fansite. The hope is to not only reach members of the cast & crew, as well as fans, but to continue to find ways to bring the messages of The Wizard to those who have yet to discover the show. With so many of the cast from the show on MySpace, it seemed like a logical step.

The fansite will continue as is, with the addition of a quick link to the MySpace page.

Since MySpace has a rule against copyrighted photos, or photos containing copyrighted images, The MGT. is currently the only picture appearing on the page.

At the moment, here is the link: http://www.myspace.com/thewizardtvfansite

The MGT.


March 30, 2008

Never mistake a delay in blog posts as a sign of nothing happening on the site or the campaign. There is much going on & much left to do.

First, I would like to thank everyone who has added their names to the Petition. I always send a private message of thanks to each person when they sign, but I want them to be acknowleged in here, too. Please take a look at the list for these amazing people who are not afraid to step up & show their support for The Wizard. From what I understand, many fans are either certain the campaign is hopeless or they are checking the list over & over again waiting until the number of names reaches a point that they would feel their name would look important & impressive. I can never stress enough that every name on the list is very important, but we are most grateful for the 269 people willing to speak up now. Even fans of Doug Barr in Germany are willing to make their voices heard in support just so they can have the opportunity to see The Wizard for the first time. I hope the US fans visiting this site think about that.

There are also additions to the Guestbook/Memory Page. Wonderful memories that these fans wanted to share with everyone. That's what this page is for - present day fan letters. I do not expect to receive direct thank yous in these messages, but I am humbly honored to receive them.

Rather than try to list all of the additions to the site individually, I will direct you to check out the links on Michael Berk's Index page. If you have never checked out this page - or just haven't visited it for a while - you are in for a pleasant surprise.

At the moment, the Save the Wizard Campaign Index page still links to the Fan Letters section. But fear not!! Save the Wizard letters will be added & signatures counted. You may even find your own. There are also fan letters which are waiting to be added to that section.

Much more to come, so stay tuned!!!!

The MGT.


February 18, 2008

As much as it would be a dream come true, working on the site must remain a part time job. I snatch hours when I can,which means things cannot get added as quickly as I would like. I am very pleased & proud to report that I've finally figured out how to customize the Spry menubars on the site. This will still take some work, but it's a start.

The Wizard News has been archived. With the exception of pages where the menubar has not been updated, you can get to the News Index via a submenu with the Updates from Elm Street blog link in the menu bar to the left.

The StatCounter on the home page went over the 2000 mark a few days ago. This has been thanks in part to links left by fans of the show on other message boards. A great honor, indeed. The most recent was a link from fans of Doug Barr & 'The Fall Guy' in Germany. If you think it's frustrating to not have the show available on DVD over here, just think how frustrating it is to realize that Fox neglected to air the show in your country at all. Yes, the current Wizard fanbase is not only global, but also growing.

The Petition List has reached 261. Every single name is vitally important & cherished. Thank you to everyone who has signed!!!

The newest script addition is an early script for An Inside Job when the episode was still under the title Boys will be Boys. I am currently transcribing a final script for Twist of Fate & will let you know as soon as it has been uploaded. In the meantime, please feel free to check out the other drafts & scripts via each episodes Index or check out The Michael Berk Collection page. There are many things to discover through that page.

The MGT.


February 17, 2008

First order of business is to announce a new name for the blog. I thought it would fun to mix things up by changing the name to 'Updates from Elm Street'. Just wanted to make note of it in this entry in case the name is ever changed again.

Today brought about a massive update to the Visitor Location Log, which has now reached 1000. Unlike the StatCounter on the Home page, which is keeping a count of all new & returning visitors, the Log is keeping track of new visitor locations. Thus the difference in numbers. The fanbase for The Wizard is worldwide & growing as others around the world are discovering the fansite.

Stay tuned for more updates.

The MGT.


February 13, 2008

Welcome to the first entry on the new Wizard Blog!!

Since there is so much to do which, in turn, creates so much to keep track of, I am hoping that this blog will be a better solution than the newsletters all around. Updates will be listed in here just like the updates that are sent to Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, & David's family via email. It will also be a chance to thank all new petition signers immediately.

The first few entries will be a matter of playing catch-up. If you know something has occurred or been added & you don't see it in the latest blog entry - well, in the words of one of my 3 favorite authors, Douglas Adams - 'DON'T PANIC!' I'll get things listed as quickly as possible & in the order I remember them.

The MGT.

(P.S. For those curious souls, the other 2 authors are Nabil Shaban & Robert E. Howard.)

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com