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Two Souls/One Breath

Never Completed Episode
Original Story Concept

Note: This page contains a very rough draft for a story idea that was never completed. Please keep this in mind & be prepared to use your imagination to piece the story together. Also, please remember that plagiarism or any type of copying without permission is not cool.

At psychic convention - she's Russian, people from all over. Symposium. She & Simon hit off . . . he invites her home. falls in love with her - but she's influencing it. seducing Simon. Alex warns him. Simon doesn't believe it. She's KGB, Simon - no -- Later she helps save him because she does love who he is. connected psychically. She's caught - 2nd hour, they go to rescue her. ????

SCENE, She & Simon with psychic children. H.E.N.R.I. getting into psychicness -- in scene where she & Simon are trying to teach Alex. . . she's really wonderful, but Alex suspicious.

Dream Bunny? child having nightmares -- Simon helps her, now she's impressed, bonds her - starts to fall in love . . . then she can't do it - caught trying to save them - after Alex has proven she's KGB, breaking Simon's heart. He never gives up -- she dies in end, was meant to be - he hopes they'll be together, knows they'll be together again, in the great, psychic beyond. -- they are psychically connected . . .

She tells Simon backstory - had to meet Simon, saw his photo -- had to meet him, even though a premonition of her death, that perhaps Simon feels too -- H.E.N.R.I. could be experiencing this along with Simon, falling in love with her -- goes to save her -- does he have a soul? how does psychicness work?? Simon has dream about her. H.E.N.R.I. has same thoughts -- each telling Alex. Alex gets suspicious.

Simon & girl split, Alex & H.E.N.R.I. follow - H.E.N.R.I. using psychic, relation between H.E.N.R.I. & Alex - Alex getting tired, H.E.N.R.I. doesn't, he recharges with solar plates.

Alex has been shadowing them, that's why they go off, to be alone, go to isolated place --


To get Simon's secrets, she has to get him away from Alex to a relaxed place -- someplace they can be alone -- Alex is always hanging around -- they sneak off . . . H.E.N.R.I. & Alex follow.

She says to him, Simon, after betraying him, what do you trust, your senses, or your feelings (sixth sense) psychicness -- trust your instincts, past defense mechanisms.

If Simon's psychic, does he pick up on her spy aspects, also does H.E.N.R.I.? Does he read her second thoughts? she doesn't see picture of Simon & get inspired, she's been raised & trained since child by Soviets & never saw the positive side of ESP. She's been controlled, so when she gets into this she is legitimate spy. Maybe she did have a strange premonition when she saw picture of Simon, but point is, Simon shows her positive uses of what he does, where her mentor had been teaching more negative uses, brainwashing her (MISUSE DREAM BUNNY)

Is the mentor there waiting for them? equipment.

Does Simon & she connect & cause landslide or something?

Big psychic ending against guy when they go to save her. He's evil. Psychic isn't necessarily for good. HE'S TURNED TO DARK SIDE. MISUSED POWER --

Display good & bad of Russia -- the people, etc. then people like him. both governments are training psychics.

Dream bunny is something that allows the psychic to invade the person's thoughts. with child's nightmare, it's Simon going into it to calm. with Simon, he uses it to cause nightmares. Girl uses it to help Simon.

Show simon's dreams/nightmare -- images of war & destruction on blue screen -- what else are Simon's nightmares? Why is guy causing these? what's he trying to get? Are they trying to get through mental defenses to his thoughts, or are they using them as torture till he gives them what they want.

They realize that she's trying to help Simon, that she's betrayed her country. that's where Alex & H.E.N.R.I. come in. Save Simon, but she's taken away. They have to go in & save her.

We have to deal with these things like Star Wars did, simply.

Simon should perhaps have drug induced state that starts dream bunny nightmares.

She's brought dream bunny, stealing it to turn over. This is the prime example of Simon's fear, his good intentions -- all scientist's good things turned to evil. THEY WILIL BE ABLE TO CONTROL CHILDREN'S THOUGHTS, MAKE THE NEXT GENERATION OF AMERICANS SYMPATHETIC TO THEIR CAUSES -- WIN THE COLD WAR THROUGH MANIPULATING THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN -- in end, get across that they never could have succeeded. what they wanted to do was evil & people won't accept it, as demonstrated by Simon's survival & victory over what they try to do to him.

They're after dream bunny & other things.

Simon is a debunker of fake psychics. Perhaps they are there outside place where symposium is & he busts a phoney -- Also, we can show film like psychic discoveries behind Iron Curtain as examples of the real thing.

With kid in opening, can we use him later & reuse beginning of same nightmare, but now Simon goes into it & helps him. symbolize child's problem through the nightmare -- solve his problem & help him believe in himself. She's never seen psychicness used like this in a beneficial way. She's been trained by KGB. She never experienced this -- taught that people are bad & this must be used as defense against them. Also told Simon builds weapons, threat to them.

SCENE LATER ON, he says how could you do this? She confronts him with all the propaganda. He denies it. KOSEN RUFU - world people through individual happiness, that's Simon's goal. to bring happiness. all the weapons, or removing them isn't going to do it. "Happiness, pass it on" . . .

"You come into this life to flourish, purpose. Cutting stem back so far, don't know what flowers you have to offer. you are meant to flourish." fl in art galleries, artists they don't know, dutch, fl 1655 stands for flourish.

INSTORY, get into mechanics of dreams, how do dreams relate to psychicness, either explain or deal with so we don't have to explain. glass of water analogy, don't need to know how for it to work -- LIKE GRAVITY.


Open with child's nightmare, frightening. see child in room with Simon. Alex & mother, H.E.N.R.I., watching on closed circuit.

Page property of Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz

Story from The Michael Berk Collection

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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