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Nobody's Perfect

The Cast

Originally Aired November 8, 1986

~"Whoever invented friendship used you as the prototype." - Moe to Simon~

David Rappaport


Simon McKay

Doug Barr


Alex Jagger

Fran Ryan


Tillie Russell

Avery Schreiber


Moe/Harry/Cosmo Krellman

Al Ruscio


Joe Pranski

Robert Hogan


Martin Moss

Dick Yarmy


Gordon Kilgor

Bob Tzudiker


Vincent Rashovsky

Robin Eisenman



David Selburg

Virginia Knowles


Lois Martin

Sheila Shaw


Brunette at Pool

Brian Kaiser

Alice Borden


Hotel Harpist

Raymond O'Keefe
Andrew Epper

Dennis Madalone




The list above is the list provided in the opening & closing credits.  Please email The MGT. if you were in the cast, or know someone who was, & you don't see a credit above.  If there is a name only & you know which character they portrayed, we'd appreciate an email, as well.  The MGT. also doesn't mind being corrected as most sources, including TV Guide, had (& still contain) incorrect information.

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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