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Trouble in the Stars


Originally Aired December 30, 1986

Topsy Turvey Boots

Ever wanted to walk up walls or on ceilings just like walking along the floors? Well, Topsy Turvey Boots are the solution. Easily worn over your shoes, these strap on boots have suction cups on the bottom to adhere to any surface with each step. Definitely not meant for gliding along, but great for sneaking past electrified floors & into abandoned nuclear missile bases to thwart Troyan's latest plan to destroy the world for profit, & rescue Eric.

If one wants to walk up walls & across ceilings, safety is naturally a must. Simon McKay & Alex always put on helmets & pads before strapping on the Topsy Turvey Boots.

Clown Suits Actually the outer "skin" or covering of punching bag clowns, the inventive part of this invention was Simon's idea that the material these covers were made from would make an excellent insulation to protect himself, Alex, & Eric from the high powered blast of laser gun electricity that killed Simon's friend, Dr. John Reiner. Fortunately for them - unfortunately for Troyan - the plan worked. And added a great, unforgettable sight gag to the episode.

Dragon The Wizard's radio-controlled dragon doesn't breathe fire, but it does put out a lot of smoke. Enough to fill any room with a thick, purple fog guaranteed to throw everyone in the room into confusion & chaos. Makes for one heck of an entrance - & cover - for our modern day knights in shinning armour to stop the villains & save the day.