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     November 7, 2007

Memory Page Message

I would like to thank Ryan for leaving a wonderful memory of the show in the Guestbook/Memory Page.

In an effort to keep this fansite as open as possible, the Guestbook/Memory Page was started to allow fans everywhere the opportunity to share their memories of the show & all those involved with everyone - fans, cast, crew, etc. I never wanted to have to police this database to delete inappropriate messages or spam or arguments or lectures on the petition. Unfortunately, that is exactly what I have to do. This problem can't be blamed on just one person.

From this day forward, all messages left in the Guestbook/Memory Page that qualify as spam, contain improper material, threats against myself or anyone else - no matter who makes the threat or who the threat is directed towards - name calling, arguing, & any posts that don't have to do with remembering & celebrating 'The Wizard' & all those involved in the show will be saved & deleted from the database without hesitation or apology.

As with everything else in this fansite, Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz have been informed of the current turn of events & this new policy.

The Petition List

. . . and then there were 44!!!  Only 1,956 to go to reach the minimum.

Thank you Cleopatra, Clayton, Dan, Justin, & David for adding your names to the list.  It's wonderful to have you on board. I must also thank Justin for confirming that The Wizard was aired in Australia & being the 2nd global signer on the Petition.

I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to anyone that achieving a success through the Petition List alone will take a long time. Of the fans who remember the show clearly, most are unwilling to get involved on any level. Those who are willing to get involved, especially in the early stages of the game & never give up, are to be commended most of all.

There are fans all over the world whose memories of the show are so vague that they can't remember the title. Slowly, those fans are finding the fansite. Many are eager to find ways to get involved in demanding that Fox release the show.

Please don't forget that EVERYONE, from anywhere in the world, is invited & encouraged to add their name to the Petition List.  Just email The MGT. to have your name added.

My sincerest thanks, as always, to everyone who has already signed the petition & left a memory in the Guestbook/Memory Page.  Every name & memory is vitally important.

You know what I'm doing. What are you doing?

That is my question & challenge to all the fans. I am always pleased to hear from other fans who are out there taking the initiative to speak to others about the show & working towards the release of the show by Fox. But I also hear from a great many fans who feel the need to tell me of the impossiblity of my efforts & what else I should be doing to make this happen. These people are happy to preach whilst intent on doing nothing themselves. To those people, I say the same thing I told myself when I started this site - "Put Up or Shut Up".

If you have an idea to get the message out there & win the show's release, then put it into action yourself. If it works & you'd like to share it with others then email me about it & I'll get it on the site for others to try. Then keep working on it yourself. Recent ideas have included contacting your local media about the site & fight (whether or not you speak about the petition is entirely up to you), & having your own private Wizard party like we had on the anniversary. These are ideas from other people.

When people start to get more pro-actively involved I will be happy to start & moderate a Guestbook just for the discussion of how to get the show legitimately released by Fox.

For all those who have read the Memory Page over the past week, I apologize for not handling that situation as well as I could have from the beginning. It does get very exasperating to be constantly expected to do all the work alone by so many people. Just like Simon, I am only human. Those people who are taking the initiative on their own to do what they can do cheer me up immensly.

I am very proud to have brought this show & cause farther in the past year than it has been in the past 21 years. Farther than most people ever thought possible. I am also very proud to have been the first to involve Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Doug Barr & David's family in the process. It is their show, after all. I have been sadden to notice how little their involvement means to some fans. They gave their all to get this show on the air & to keep it on the air. They 'went down with the ship' so to speak. In return, I have volunteered my time, money, resources, energy, blood, sweat & tears to bridge the chasm which still existed between the show & the fans.

This entire site & all the work it entails is my contribution to the process. What is yours?

The Michael Berk Collection

Thanks to Michael Berk, there are now many never before seen pictures & an award on the site. Since so much of this newsletter has been taken up with a discussion of recent events, I will list each page in the next newsletter. Take a look around & you may be surprised by what you find. There are 'watermarks' on ever picture.

Visitor Counter & Log     

As of the uploading of this newsletter, the Home Page Visitor Counter has reached 876 new & returning visitors.

The Visitor Location Log will also have to wait until the next newsletter, but please feel free to check out the pages for yourself.


Jessica Markoff Chaney - The MGT.