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The Wizard of Elm Street

Michael McNab Story Concept - October 4, 1985

(NOTE: This is NOT the first episode. The following is one of the original story concepts created by Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz & Paul B. Radin on their way to creating The Wizard of Elm Street ~ later to be known as El Dorado)

Michael McNab is a little man with great powers. A genius. A scatterbrain. An eccentric. A charmer. A mystery.

He appeared as if from nowhere on the docks of Liverpool, a man without a background. He went to sea, exploring the world in search of knowledge. He is, in a word, an infomaniac. A brilliant scientist, he also knows that there are forces at work in the world that science cannot explain, & often taps into them. Michael's unique flair for creativity bursts forth with inspired inventiveness. He's a problem solver, both personal & global.

With aerospace firms, government & industry after him to develop their technology, Michael prefers to devote his time to designing & inventing wonderful toys (that he licenses to manufacturers) to enrich the lives of children of all ages. He works & lives in a converted warehouse, his comfortable, old furniture in sharp contrast to his ultramodern lab.

Michael has a special feeling for the underdog, the little guy. Nothing sets his creative juices flowing as fast as the need to help someone even the odds. His relationship with children is very special. When they stop by his lab he mystifies them with the magic tricks & toys he's designed.

Two people work for Michael. Darcy Quinn & Bill Eaton. Darcy is in her twenties, beautiful, & has adored Michael since she was a child & he let her operate the fastest remote-controlled cars he built. She still loves speed, & Michael has modified her car to beat almost anything on wheels. her job is to keep Michael organized. He's always doing ten things at once while forgetting to put on his shoes. And when Michael is stumped, Darcy always seems to ask the right questions that allow him to find the answer.

Bill is sixteen, a high school graduate. He's an eighty's kid, bright, enthusiastic, energetic. He helps Michael in the lab, the sorcerer's apprentice, as it were, wanting to learn all of Michael's secrets.

Others want Michael's secrets as well. The technology he uses in his toys have applications that cross the entire spectrum of science & industry. He helps our government when called upon, & our government, aware of his genius, assigns Alex Logan to protect him from enemies foreign & domestic.

Alex is a tough, aggressive operative in his late thirties. The last thing he wants to do is play nursemaid to an off-the-wall, albeit brilliant toymaker. He wants international assignments full time, & it creates conflict, although not with Michael. Michael loves life & is usually too pre-occupied to let Alex bother him. But Darcy (who's very protective of Michael) & Alex have a frictional relationship. Friction causes heat, & Michael sometimes is forced to cool them down.

But when all is said & done, Michael, Alex, & Darcy (& on occasion Bill) are a powerful force helping people & solving problems (not to mention crime) large & small. Each fills a need. Each compliments the other.

When the going gets tough, Michael always has (or creates) a toy that proves to be more than just a plaything. His inspired strategies often lead the group into bizarre situations where Alex & Darcy have to use their talents. Michael has also made full-size versions of some of his toys, a motorcycle for example, that does things no other motorcycle can do.

This is a series with adventure, intrigue, heart, fun, & just the right touch of magic. The "illusions" Michael creates sometimes defy explanation. Darcy, Alex, & Bill often wonder just who this little man is & where he comes from. But Michael simply smiles, a twinkle in his eye, that keeps him forever mysterious & forever lovable.

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