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Simon says,


The Wizard 

U.S. Premiere: September 9, 1986

Aired in France Under the Title: Le Magicien
Premiere: December 24, 1988

Aired in most of South America & Spain Under the Title:
El Hechicero
Premiere: 1988

Aired in Brazil Under the Title: Passe de Magica
Premiere: 1988

Aired in Poland Under the Title:
Czarodziej z Ulicy Wiazów
Premiere: circa 1988

Aired in Australia
Premiere: circa 1988

Aired in Spain
Premiere: circa 1991

Aired in Pakistan
Premiere: circa 1992 - 1993

Aired in New Zealand
Premiere: circa 1986/1987

Aired in Norway (TV3)

Aired in The Netherlands

Aired in South Africa

Aired in Indonesia

Aired in Sri Lanka
Premiere: circa early 1990's


~A website by & for the fans (past, present & future), cast & crew~

~Dedicated to all of the wonderful people & animals in the cast & crew
who made this one of the best television shows to ever hit the airwaves.~

~Dedicated in special loving memory to David Rappaport,
Fran Ryan & Paul B. Radin
who are still greatly missed.~

We, the fans, will never be able to thank all of you enough.


Somewhere in the recesses of your mind may be a memory that seems like a dream; the memory of a television series filled with action, adventure and amazing inventions.  A series with lots of remote control cars, helicopters and flying saucers; balls that turn into strongmen, jumping dolls and stringless yo-yos.  It’s not a dream.  Those amazing toys were actually created by an even more amazing man named Simon McKay:  Inventor, philanthropist, cockeyed optimist, occasional government subcontractor, computer expert, musician and all-around genius.  There didn’t seem to be anything Simon McKay could not do.  Finding non-violent solutions to temperamental clashes, giving and earning respect, embracing diversity, caring, believing in oneself, and never-ending education, whether from books or the world all around us, are the foundations upon which Simon McKay builds his life.

Once he was a weapons designer for the government, but he left all that behind to create toys because Simon McKay believes that the most powerful weapons in the universe are imagination, friendship and love.

The Wizard is not a fantasy.  I've had to correct many people over the inaccurate portrayal.  Simon McKay’s activities are neither implausible nor impossible.  He's not an elf.  There are no werewolves or UFOs.  Simon is simply a lucid dreamer who has the gift to create whatever his mind can imagine.  Simon deals with the infinite potentials inherent in nature.  One Wizard episode addresses the potential of the human spirit after death, but in a very scientific way.  Simon trained as a scientist, but he’s never limited his thinking to scientific methodology.  Simon is aware that we are surrounded and infused with myriad mysteries mankind simply doesn't yet understand.  The all-encompassing theme of The Wizard is that anything is possible.  The viewer is inspired that if Simon McKay can make the impossible possible, then so can they.

~ The Main Cast ~

Simon McKay was brought to life by an actor who was an incredibly amazing man in his own right, David Rappaport.  David was joined on screen by the incomparable talents of Doug Barr, as agent Alex Jagger, & Fran Ryan, as Simon’s long-time friend, Tillie Russell. Just like everyone in front of and behind the cameras, and this website, they truly believed in the messages of the series.

~ Simon says, Sharing & Politeness Are Important ~

Much of this website's amazing content is from The Michael Berk Collection. Some of it is from the episodes, themselves. Unless otherwise noted, the content of this website is the property of 20th Century Fox Studios. We hope you enjoy reviving memories, and sharing it with others, but also ask that you keep politeness and copyright infringement laws in mind before simply removing content without permission. Removal without permission is very rude and un-Wizardly. We are not responsible for, nor do we condone, unofficial use of site content.

Anyone wishing to create a page, group, or fan club on another website or elsewhere for either The Wizard or David Rappaport should seek written permission from this website and/or the Rappaport family before removing content. All official sites, groups, and clubs will be noted on this site's Networking & Fan Clubs page. If you find a webpage, group, or club, and are still not sure if it is official, please feel free to contact The MGT. Images used elsewhere containing this website's URL watermark are not necessarily official.

~Never Give Up: the Rescue The Wizard Campaign~

Visiting this website looking for The Wizard on home video? Well, you can make that dream come true for yourself and everyone around the world. Wondering why you should get involved? Please visit the Rescue The Wizard section to watch the official campaign video hosted by our Wizardly friend Nabil Shaban, with Michael Berk, and a very special personal message from David Rappaport.

Anything is possible. The only way to fail is to never try. Please help us to make your dreams come true - for the love of Simon.

Unlicensed copies of episodes are not available through this website.

~"I'll let you into a secret. We're all a Wizard, we just don't know it."
Simon to Katie & Tim - 'Born to Run'~

We are so very pleased to welcome to you to the official & definitive website, fansite, & cyber home of The Wizard!!! We hope to see you again soon!!!


Page content written by Michael Berk & The MGT.

Wizard Logo from The Michael Berk Collection

fansite created by Jessica Markoff Chaney – The MGT.

fansite premiered October 2, 2006  (20 years & 24 days after the show's premiere.  Or 19 years, 6 months & 21 days after the official airing of the final episode)

email: themgt@thewizardtvfansite.com

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