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Story Pitches & Ideas

Joe Ellison
October 30, 1986

With a Definite Porpoise / War Games / Suggested Area

1) With a Definite Porpoise

Open on Simon having a splashing good time with a dolphin in the bathtub that turns out to be a robotic invention designed to act as a Life Guard. In the course of demonstrating it at the beach to a pretty young lady who teaches swimming to handicapped kids, the dolphin saves a porpoise injured by foreign agents attempting to spy on an adjacent U.S. Submarine base. Because Simon's invention can talk to & translate the porpoise's squeaks, it relates to him news of the suspicious spies activities off shore leading Simon & Alex to turn to the sea & join both his robotic dolphin & the real porpoise in catching the bad guys, after which the robotic dolphin chooses to go to sea with the porpoises.

2) War Games

Open on Simon working on see-through specs to be used by Airport Security people working the baggage inspection centers. Meanwhile, a boy who is unhappy with the war games at a Military School summer program run by a gung-ho School Director, contacts his mother who in turn contacts Simon. Simon & Alex check out the situation & find that the Director is about to pull some kind of heist with the unwitting help of the boys who are to be armed with real weapons. Alex & Simon intercede so that when the Director directs them to fire on an armored car carrying millions of dollars, their weapons fire soap bubbles, etc.

3) Suggested Area

Simon creates robotic woman with whom he finds himself falling in love. (Note: area deemed inappropriate.)


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