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Story Pitches & Ideas

Jim Staahl & Jim Fisher
December 10, 1986

present: John Whelpley

1st Pitch / Who's Mining the Store / Honor Thy Father / 4th Pitch / 5th Pitch


No Title

Boy shows up on Simon's doorstep. He explains to Simon that his grandparents, whom he lives with, just bought an RV & left for Vegas with the gambling fever. He wants to go to Vegas & bring them back. Would Simon help.

They arrive at a Circus Circus like hotel & the boy spots his grandparents. When he approaches them they flee. This reation surprises Simon who now wants to know what's going on.

While the boy is watching a circus performance with Simon, the grandmother slips Simon a note which asks him to meet them at an RV park outside of Vegas. When Alex & Simon arrive at the park the grandparents are gone. Alex assembles an aircraft to search for the RV. When they spot it, shots are fired. The grandparents see the aircraft coming & try to get away. Their brakes go out & Alex saves them by leaping onto the vehicle & maneuvering some sort of way to stop them from crashing.

They tell Alex & Simon their story about coming to Vegas, playing the slot machines & winning big. When they went to cash in their chips a man approaches them & demands the money. Apparently, the slot machine had been rigged purposely & this man had encouraged the grandmother to play it knowing she would not be accused of any wrong doing if the machine paid off. She refused to hand over the money & they were now being chased. She did not want any harm to come to her grandson.

The villain then kidnaps the grandson & contacts Simon. He wants Simon to use his genius to invent another way to win even more dollars. If he does, the boy will be returned. It turns out the villains are into illegal weapon sales. They make the money in Vegas to buy the weapons & then sell them for a large profit.

Simon agrees to rig some sort of mechanism to help the villains, while Alex finds out where their hideout is located. With the help of Simon's circus friends, they resuce the boy from the fortress while Alex sets up a device to destroy it.

B Story

Alex feels he is slipping in his skills & has developed a lack of self confidence. Through his ingenuity in geting himself safely out of the fortress & destroying the weapons as well his confidence is restored.

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"Who's Mining the Store"

A young couple are out hiking & discover some secret caves. They start to explore & become separated from each other. The girl goes to Simon for help. He doesn't notify the authorities, but goes to the cave with the girl & tries to help her find her boyfriend. Simon finds some strange crystals on the ground & becomes curious abou their origin. When the girl suddenly disappears he knows something's up. Then there is a cave in & Simon invents some sort of invention to help him crawl out. When he reaches the entrance he's arrested by the Secret Police. These caves are actually secret storage mines for classified information. They find a secret passageway which they follow & run into the couple. The boy seems to know his way around quite well. It turns out there is some sensitive information stored here & the couple want it. They use Simon & Alex as hostages in order to get the information they want.

Suggestions made by John to this plot:

Some of the classified information stored is about Simon. Information that should never be revealed.

Simon helped design the system to keep the cave secluded & his name appeared on a plaque. The couple saw it & decided to lure Simon to the caves under false pretenses in order to get at the information they wanted.

There is a surprise party for Simon & all of the great thinking minds who happen to be Simon's friends are there. They are all taken hostage.

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"Honor Thy Father"

A runaway girl is found on Simon's doorstep. The father comes to get her. Something is wrong. The girl does not feel this is actually her father. It looks like him, but she can sense it's not. Her real father is a test pilot for a new laser bomber. This imposter is a clone to her actual father created by Dawson. Simon & Alex realize the plot "Thunderball." When the bomber is scheduled to take off, Simon is on board. Alex tries to stop the test when he leanrs the plane is going to be destroyed. The real pilot (the girl's father) & the cloned pilot are also on board. The real pilot will be killed & the cloned pilot will escape. Simon figures out a way to stop the cloned pilot & fly the plane himself using extenions on his feet to reach the pedals.

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No Title

Tilly is arrested & jailed in Ireland for smuggling guns. She was trying to help her fisherman friends protect themselves. There is a company that wants to blow up the oil rigs which would case their stock to escalate. The fisherman are in the way.

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No Title

Pets are being stolen from people all over the neighborhood. Kids go to Simon for help. Simon creates a fake animal which is also stolen. This animal leads Simon & Alex to a secret lab where a chemical gas is being tested on the animals. "Sleeping Gas" that causes you to lose consciousness but returns you to the same state of mind as if nothing occured. The lab is run by a well-known conterfeiter. Simon makes a breathing device for himself & follows him to a paper factory. The paper factory that supplies the government with paper for U.S. dollars. When he discovers Simon is on to him, he decides to use Simon as a human guinea pig & test the gas on a human being.


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