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Story Pitches & Ideas

Lynn Barker
November 13, 1986

Toys on Trial

Basic Storyline

A popular, funny PEE WEE HERMAN-style kiddie show host teams with old pal SIMON on a live performance for children in an isolated silicon valley plant that handles top secret government contracts. After the show, each child is given a "Wizard" toy as a parting gift. The kids go home with their partens, all scientists working on sensitive security projects.

While Pee Wee & Simon are at Simon's place sharing memories of old times (perhaps they met in a circus when Simon was on one of his adventures & were both clowns), we see one of the little girls present at the show carry her "Wizard" doll home. That night . . . it opens its eyes . . . The child carries theh doll everywhere, including her scientist father's computer workroom/lab where she puts it down for a while. The father makes several sensitive phone calls or uses his computer modum to transfer information. We see that the doll is picking this up. The same thing happens in other homes where kids have taken the beloved toys.

Finally, one of the scientist moms hears a toy make an odd noise & checks it out, finding the "bug" (Let's say it can transmit like a microphone as well as electronically tie in to the computer). She reports what she has found. The toys are traced to Simon & Pee Wee & both are arrested by the Feds for planting the toys. With Simon's great electronic skills, he's a likely suspect. Word gets out in the press & kids & parents worldwide are shattered & disillusioned. ALEX tries to talk the Feds out of their conviction that Simon is guilty by going to his boss, but he can't get Simon released. He sadly tells his buddy that he'll do his best out in the field to clear Simon's name.

Meanwhile, Simon & Pee Wee decide they just can't sit around & wait to be convicted. They must do something to restore children's faith in them. They break out of jail & are on the run while tracking down information on the people behind the toy scheme. It's a comic adventure as the old buddies hit the streets using disguises & old (circus?) tricks to avoid the law while trying to clear their names. They finally team up with Alex who is putting his job on the line for not reporting them.

The trio track the altered toys to an electronic genius fired by the silicon valley company for refusing to report all his discoveries to his company bosses. To get even, he placed the toys in the homes of various scientists working on a new laser combat tank project. The information would be transmitted to him & pieced together (even the various scientists didn't know what the final product was). Then, he would sell the package to terrorists or the Soviets.

Simon, Alex & Pee Wee, aided by TILLIE, expose the ex-employee before he can sell his information. Simon & Pee Wee's names are cleared & Wizard toys are again the most loved & respected in the world.


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