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Save The Wizard Campaign

April, 1987 Letters

To CBS Executives,

My daughter (5 years old) really likes "The Wizard". I had watched it at one point to make sure it was good for her & found that it was alright - low violence & very educational - One night just recently I sat down & watched it again & found myself liking it very much - I do wish you woulud give this show another chance - It is one of the only shows that my daughter watches!

Thank you for your consideration!

M H., age unknown, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA - April 13, 1986

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To CBS Executives,

I'm writing to let CBS know how much I appreciate your show "The Wizard". My immediate family as well as all my nieces & nephews look forward to each new episode. When a show is as positive & educational as this one is, a parent can definitely relax a bit when their children are watching.

I hope to see "The Wizard" on your next fall's schedule. It's a super show & if it is not picked up next season it will surely be missed!

Amy P., age unknown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA - April 29, 1987

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To CBS Executives,

I'd like to take time to tell you that the CBS T.V. show (The Wizard) with David Rappaport & Doug Barr. They are a delightful pair. And my friends really enjoy the show. Please consider keeping it on the air.


Elaine M., age unknown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA - April 20, 1987

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To CBS Executives,

It seems to be happening again! So many times throughout the years I've seen shows come & go. Some deserved to go, some didn't, some never should have been released. It does seem, howwever, too many we do enjoy do not last. I know it is a rating game, but, I feel, not always fair. We in this home look forward weekly to The Wizard, it is very entertaining & different. I am a woman with grown children, but still enjoy a little fantasy. Now I hear it may be dropped. NOT FAIR. Give it a chance, stop bouncing it around. We look for it every week.

I hope others have written to help save it.

Thank you,

Dolores P., age unknown, Clearwater, Florida, USA - April 27, 1987

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To CBS Executives,

My husband & I look forward to seeing this show weekly. We find it entertaining, interesting & the story of the show holds our interest to "The End". "The Wizard" is such a warm hearted person, he is superman to the rescue.

By the way, my husband & I are in the Golden Age in the Senior Citizen Bracket.

Louise & Emerson Evans, exact ages unknown, Torrance, California, USA - April 11, 1987

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