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Save The Wizard Campaign

Canada Petition # 1 - April, 1987

(Note from The MGT. - The following messages were enclosed in the same envelope)



To CBS Executives,

I am a very upset mother of three children ranged from 6 to 11 years old. My children are very distraught because CBS Executives may decide to take their favorite show off the air. My youngest of six years came home crying yesterday because she learned from the fan club set up in her school that the show she loves "The Wizard" may not be back in the fall. She pleaded with me to do something to save her show. My older two are also avid fans of "The Wizard" & were perturbed to find out that it may not return.

As a loving mother of three, I try to help my children to see the right kind of shows on the T.V., & I have encouraged my children to watch "The Wizard". It does not contain the amounts of violence that other shows like "Miami Vice" does. I feel that this kind of quality programming should continue to be there for my children. I like how David's character is always there to help anyone who needs it.

Faedra C., age unknown, British Columbia, Canada

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* * * * *

To CBS Executives,

Every time I get interested in a show that I find special to me it goes off the air. First it was "V" & then it was "MISFITS OF SCIENCE" & then "Punky Brewster" & now I learn that you guys want to put the axe to "THE WIZARD".

I love that show & I'll just throw out my television too if you if you throw out "The Wizard". I don't feel that I should just stand by & let another winner bite the dust. This show that you are intending to scrap is the best I've ever seen since "V" & "Punky Brewster". It's worth keeping in my opinion. I just love Douglas Barr & especially David Rappaport. They both bring laughter & special feelings to my heart whenever I watch this show.

Please, PLEASE bring us viewers another year of our fav. show "The Wizard". I'm begging you on my hands & knees not to take away this show. I know in the States it was found to be 72 out of 100 shows, but this is Canada. I'm sure that there are hundreds of others who are in the same boat & don't want this show taken away.

BELIEVE ME, IT'S WORTH THE EFFORT OF ANOTHER YEAR OF PRODUCTION TO SHOW NEW "WIZARD" SHOWS. Please don't become another name on a growing list of shows that were well loved & that became ancient history, please don't let me down.

Yous in T.V. land,

Monica H., age unknown, Scarborough, Canada - April 23, 1987

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* * * * *

To CBS Executives,

I am a fan of David Rappaport's & I just love "The Wizard" please, please, don't take my favorite show off the air. From Simon McKay I've learned that no matter what anyone says, & if I believe in myself I can do anything.

I have not found another show on the T.V. with the exception of "Punky Brewster" (not the cartoon) that really shows us kids the really important things. Like to try, even if you fair, & that no matter what anyone says, that the people you care about & them you, will stand behind you through anything.

"The Wizard" means happiness, the show gives me an alternative to watching some of the more mediocre shows. I mean, "Cosby Show" is good. It's funny, but it doesn't teach anything. This show helps us kids to find the right way in life. But it's also for adults, too, a lot of adults do watch the show, too.

I've been let down by a lot of other Station Executives who have let me down & canceled very good shows, please don't follow in their footsteps.

Tammy R., age 11, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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* * * * *

To CBS Executives,

I watch the show 'The Wizard' & I love it. Simon knows what it's like to be a kid, he makes me laugh, & his toys are so neat, I mean he gave a whole new meaning to the game of hopscotch. Alex & Tillie are perfect for Simon, they help him help the kids.

I loved 'Twist of Fate' & the one about the girl who saw pictures in her mind about her twin sister.

When mommhy told me that the special people were maybe going to take away my show I cried all night.

I am writing to you to beg you not to take away my show. I don't know what I would watch instead of the show 'The Wizard' that mommy would allow.

I'm only 8 years old, please renew my show.

Jacquie H., age 8, Ontario, Canada

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* * * * *

To CBS Executives,

Greetings, I' am writing to contest the cancellation of "The Wizard".

I greatly enjoy the acting of David Rappaport as Simon McKay.

If you cancel this show many viewers will be burdened & outraged.

I would again like to voice my concern over your threat to "axe" this show.

Richard F., age unknown


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