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Save The Wizard Campaign

February, 1987 Letters


To Sirs,

My seven year old son was so upset at the mention of cancelling "The Wizard", he wrote the enclosed brief note. My entire family enjoys watching "The Wizard" & would like to protest the cancellation plans. Please reconsider! Thank you.

Karla B., age unknown, on behalf of Rob, age 7, & Scott, age 3, Carlisle, Ohio, USA ~ February 18, 1987

I like the Wizard. My Name is Rob.

Rob B., age 7, Carlisle, Ohio, USA ~ February, 18, 1987

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To CBS Executives,

I am writing you again in support of the hour long Tuesday night adventure series, "The Wizard". I am seriously concerned that CBS is considering not renewing this show for next season, or even allowing it to finish out this season. I realize the ratings for this show have not been excellent, & a profess to somewhat understand how the rating system works, but I think there is a misrepresentation here. I can assure you there is a large & appreciative audience for "TheWizard". Just because this is not reflected in the ratings does not really mean that a large percentage of households are not watching it. I know a lot of families who watch it. However, I do not know anyone in the Dallas area, or anywhere else for that matter, who have ever been a part of reporting what they watch to any kind of rating service.

I know this argument is moot due to what it is that CBS must consider, but I hope your people will please renew "The Wizard" throughout this season & hopefully also next season as it is really a wonderful show & is a great alternative for children (& imaginative adults) to watch compared to many of the other shows on these days. My son is a five year old who thinks Simon McKay is the greatest! I must say I am really glad that his number one hero figure has changed from a cartoon character to a more substantial & realistic person. Even though the stories are somewhat fantastical, this is more appropriate to me for him to emulate when the hero always manages to use his intelligence, "know how" & creative resources to help other people, etc. . . ., etc. . . . .

Please consider renewing "The Wizard" even though it does not seem to be doing well rating-wise. I hope CBS will go ahead & make a commitment to this show, for if we lose this show we will lose a good vehicle for instilling self worth & confidence in our children, which are values far too many are not exposed to enough at home or school these days. Our children are our greatest resource & deserve the chance to pick up on this message on a weekly basis for a while, & I imagine there are a lot of adults who could stand to have these ideas reinforced & benefit also from the show.

I & my son thank you.

Cathy K., age 36, Dallas, Texas, USA - February 10, 1987

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To CBS Executives,

This letter is for my 7 year old son, but it is also my husband & my 16 year old son & myself. We heard you were taking "The Wizard" off T.V. & we hope it isn't true. We really like the program. It's always different it teaches about caring & it's educational also. It has fantasy, adventure, understanding, & shows right & wrong. It's really a good program. We really enjoy Simon & Tillie. Please don't cancel it.

Thank you.

The K.L.S. Family Petition, Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA - February 24, 1987

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