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Save The Wizard Campaign

December, 1986 Letters


To CBS Programming Director,

I used to grab up TV Guide from the supermarket shelf with pleasure & flip the pages right to the Tuesday night listing for this season's show "The Wizard". I have been grateful that I have a daytime job so that I can watch the show in the evening, & I gladly followed the show when it moved to Saturday night.

But during the last few weeks, my pouncing on the new TV Guides in the store has led only to disappointment because "The Wizard" has ben missing. And why? Because CBS has decided that I would rather see Billy Graham & Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (more than two weeks away from Christmas!) No thanks to both of those offerings.

You know, I wouldn't mind in the least if you moved the show to a later evening slot - on any day of the week. I don't expect you to put it in place of top-rated shows like "Dallas" or "Magnum, P.I.", but I would be glad to stay up late to see this show if you would give me the option.

Why? Because "The Wizard" is my favorite show this season, I like the adventure shows & "The Wizard" has already impressed me with its range of settings & themes. Other shows, such as "Newhart", occassionally draw laughter from me, but they often give me a general impression of dull, one-dimensional settings, themes, moods, & characters. Who needs to see the likes of Michael & Stephanie over & over again? "The Wizard", in contrast, has everything I want - originality, creativity, & positive inspiration as well as warmth & humor. I find the characters interesting, intelligent, & multi-dimensional, with strengths & vulnerabilities both.

I admire all three of the main characters - simon, Tillie, & Alex, & I have enjoyed their development thus far. For instance, in the remote-control airplane episode, I admired their indications of the difficulty of their life experiences & their emergence from hardship with strength & character. And in a subsequent episode about the race horse, Simon again wryly acknowledged the challenge of overcoming hardship & despair ("Sometimes you need a jump start"), while in the most recent episode about the toy coin bank, Tillie felt the lonliness & awkwardness of not fitting in, both in spite of & because of the evidence of her gritty strength.

The characters in this show are my kind of "relevant" & my kind of "real". They have the power to inspire many people, whether adults or children, with richness of their experience, their courage, & their warmth. you are making a big mistake in my book if you let "The Wizard" die.

Pleas note that this is the first letter I've ever written to comment on any television show & I'm 24. As a letter writer I perhaps represent sever non-letter writers who feel the same way as I do. And I know I haven't had time to check out all the new network shows offered this season; probably others haven't been given enough time either. Please give "The Wizard" a chance.

I close this letter with a request. Would you be kind enough to send me the mailing address of the star of "The Wizard", David Rappaport? I would like to write & express my support of the show to him, also. Thank you very much.

P.S. Instant Audience Segment Profile: Native, lower middle class, Northern Californian, 4 years at university. Loves movies, junk food, sight-seeing & limited backpacking. Now working as waitress to return to school for degree.

Ramona H., age 24, Panama City Beach, Florida, USA - December 5, 1986

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