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There is a lighthearted touch to this one-hour prospect which follows the exploits of a scatterbrained scientist, Simon Mckay, played by David Rappaport, who lives two lives. On one hand, he invents unusual toys that are the everlasting delight of kids & grown-ups alike, & that pleases him mightly. On the other hand, when he puts his mind to it, he is a master of technology in the field of national defense; the government is constantly pressing him to forget about the toys & give them more of his professional time. In fact, they think so much of him that they assign two agents to watch over him. Simon doesn't really like this arrangement but accepts it. In due time, he comes to develop a warm camaraderie with his bodyguards, a mismatched pair. Attractive Darcy Stafford, Cheryl McFadden, is a socialite jet-setter who has become a trusted & efficient undercover operator by desire. The other is Alex Jagger, Douglas Barr, a tough & cynical agent who doesn't particularly like playing nursemaid to a toymaker. However, having the attractive Darcy on hand somehow makes it just a little bit easier. Actually, Alex would be the first to admit that, nursemaid or not, thre is usually mystery, intrigue & danger, in the life they lead, plus a laugh or two along the way.


Article from The Michael Berk Collection

Author Unknown. Property of CBS & 20th Century Fox